Discussion in 'RAC' started by Lid140, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. Following on from the CVR(T) thread, does anyone remember the Ferret scout car? What a bundle of laughs they were; Pre-select gearbox, ultra cramped and a tendency to roll over!
  2. could go just as fast in reverse as when going forward, so you could get out of trouble just as fast as you got in to it. :oops:
  3. I never understood why a Sqn SCM (SSM) after working his way up through the ranks to a position of great importance was given the crappiest ride for exercise. Freezing cold and pathetic storage.
  4. Ah Butler, I fear it could have something to do with the 'man at Q&M' syndrome that the HCR suffer from. I guess your SCMs were not allowed to modify the ferrets to have baskets over the back decks in case it looked too unmilitary! Fantastic cabby, 2 RTR once had a Ferret display team, lots of tent pegging and that sort of thing, difficult getting saddles made though.
  5. Would look funny though - a ferret with a saddle, bit small though.......

    Oh, is it nut fed?
  6. Which mark was it had the turret?
  7. 2 & 4! That is the FSC not RTR :D
  8. Still, they were pretty good for a scout car. They just tried taking it a bit too far with the CVR(W)

  9. Never heard of a Ferret going over. We had great fun in them and never rolled one once. I know that there were a few fatalities with the Fox (Yeomanry), so much so that the Arabs got wind of it and refused to buy them from us.

    Hatch rash. F*ck that hurt.
  10. I used FOX in NI in ´79 and had no problems with it,yes they were top heavy but the problem was I think driver training which is at best `ropey`in the British Army.

    We got the Fox´s one day and were driving them on ops the next,we had thank God no accidents but one unit lost a Commander in Belleek basically due to driving too fast, IIRC the same driver nearly did the same a few days later!

    Such a small vehicle and so much firepower,30 mm Rarden Cannon(no ammo in NI though!) co-ax GPMG,and a fantastic Night Sight,and x10 Gunners sight,just sit back and watch the natives enjoying themselves!

    Why it was `binned`I don´t know,it was a great improvement on the Mk2 Ferret which only had an old .30 inch Browning.There was a Swingfire version also but I never served on one of them. :?

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  11. All i remember is that they were an absolute sod to fix!
  12. Blimey! We used to keep the reccy mechs busy with them. Probably best not to say which regiment I was with then. :oops:
  13. elovabloke

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    And after


    Nobody hurt this time.
  14. I believe 3RTR lost an Officer to a roll-over in ´74? On exercise in Soltau.I think the Blues and Royals would only let L/Cps drive them(could have been just a rumour!)which if true was a good Idea.
  15. We had the Mk 1 ferret with the Blues in 1959, they were then known as Fieldmice, the Mk 2 that came with the turret was basically the same vehicle. We had a couple trialling VIGILANT while I was there . All in all they were a fairly good vehicle and I can never remember one being rolled, we reserved that manouver for the Austin Champ. There is a Mk 2 with recovery gear in the REME Vehicle Museum.