ferrets: Whos that fast girl in a fur coat?


this is what I thought the previous ferret thread was about :D



Who's that fast girl in a fur coat?
Jane Shilling

Ferrets are increasingly popular as pets and highly intelligent. Our correspondent tries her hand at polecat-sitting

The telephone rings. It is my editor. She wants me to write about the Next Big Thing. Last time she asked me to do this it involved Botox, so my side of the conversation proceeds with a certain caution. Until, that is, she reveals that the next big thing is . . . ferrets. Everyone is in love with them, apparently. According to the Small Animal Veterinary Association, across Britain 250,000 homes contain a ferret. And now it’s about to become 250,001, for I am to become, temporarily at least, a ferret owner.
Do I, wonders my editor, know where to lay my hands on a ferret at short notice? Indeed I do. And that is because I have been cherishing an unfulfilled ferret fantasy ever since stumbling across a cage full of them some years ago at the Kent Show. The day was sunny, the ferrets were lounging around in little ferret hammocks with their eyes shut and their bellies blissfully exposed to the warming rays. One dissolute creature was sipping lager from a pint glass held by its handler. Oh, he loves his lager, said the owner, who had, when I came to look at him, a distinctly ferrety look. There and then I fell in ................................

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