Ferrets, the smelly metal sort


A discussion on another forum has led me to this question, when did the last ferret go out of service, (allegedly in the 1990's) and when was the last one seen on ops (allegedly 2003!)?


walt_of_the_walts said:
I heard a REME unit still kept a few going and even went on TELIC1 with them. Saw a very nice civvy owned one at Bigin Hill Airshow this year
I'll dig out some pics of those but its the one in "the Last Enfield that I am curious about, is it miscaptioned?
I think the last ones served in cyprus along with a couple of saladans
brighton hippy said:
I think the last ones served in cyprus along with a couple of saladans
You'll be right there. I was in the same block as the Cav Sqn in Epi and they definetely had Saladins in '92 when I left.
roadster280 said:
Depends on how gullible people are. I was on a sleepy hollow RAF camp, and through some sort of arrangement way above our level, an officer had bought two retired ones, but kept them in our (Army) hangar. They were in perfect nick, and still had the mil plates on them. As we were only a single troop amidst hundreds of crabs, we had our own stores, MT etc. So it was pretty simple to raise a wks tkt for them, and go round to the POL point. Then rag them round the airfield and SPTA :)

Performance wasn't too bad, but the steering was bloody awful.

Happy days, this would have been 91-92ish.
Yes happy days ragging them around the airfield, :D :D
I use to fuel them up from a Bedford in Batus (endless jerrycan filling) then later on they gave me an 8 tonner (even more jerrycans!).
That was in 1995 with 2gp safety staff. The social life was cracking though! :D
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