Discussion in 'Seniors' started by syledis, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. On Sons of Guns right now they are working on a ferret, and i was wondering if anyone remembered it and knew its history.

    Its reg was 33BA34
  2. I don't know who Sons of Guns are but I googled the registration number and it's in New Orleans owned by some guy called Dave. Some of the info on there seems suspect, he's saying the engine was Rolls Royce, IIRC it was a Daimler, top speed 53 mph, I'm sure mine did a lot more than that. Still a nice motor to drive except in very bad weather, like all armour!!!
  3. Wiki says Rolls Royce B60 engine and that's backed up by several sellers.
  4. I had a quick go of one at Moreton-in-Marsh Fire Services College late 80s/early 90s. I'd have liked a bit more time to get used to the pre-selector gearbox which was fun.
  5. The motor in mine was a Rolls Royce B60, straight six. Mine had a top speed of 65 mph on the dial but I am not sure how accurate that was.
  6. Sons of Guns fucked it anyway........
    No Ferret deserves all the crap they put on that (anyone making a link with Chutney?)
    The only one I've ever seen in the flesh is outside the Guards Chapel on Birdcage walk, it's called a Daimler Ferret - so I guess there were two types?
  7. Loads of things had Rolls Royce B series engines from the Austin Champ to the Alvis Stalwart. It was intended as a standard engine for military vehicles. There were 4, 6 and 8 cylinder versions for different applications. They had many common spares.
  8. Grumblegrunt

    Grumblegrunt LE Book Reviewer

    I remember them cutting about when sigs were still at scarborough and a few around york but nothing after 89 or so.

    I think the local yeomany used them to try and kill their officers
  9. IIRC all Ferrets were built by Daimler with RR B60 engines. Daimler got the contract in the late 40s because they built the wartime Dingo scout car on which the Ferret was based. As Ex_Stab says, the B series engines were supposed to be standardised across the vehicle fleet.

    There were a few Ferrets around in the Sappers early in my career. 32 Armd had them as recce vehicles right up to Granby and they were still around in the UK regiments up to 92 when the Options for Change orbats kicked in.

    Not the safest of wagons to drive around in, particularly for commanders if they sat on the turret hatch. There was a myth that there were over 52 deaths in a single year in the early 70s from rollovers.
  10. I used to drive one and theyre were a pig compared to modern light armour i did like the pre select gearbox, select then stamp the pedal they change up. then moved onto that high tech thing the Cent ARRV the main winch in that was run my the same engine if i remember.
    took lads to tank museum for a day out and was amazed to see loads of kit i worked on in there and i am still serving.
    needle roller bearings in the Fox/ferret always prone to pull the hub off and drop 250 all over the place, days before total quality.
  11. When at 5 Sqn I was the Plant Troop Commanders driver for a couple of exercises, and driving the Ferret was always a perverse pleasure. The Steering wheel was what threw most people and the fact you were totally reliant on the commander to direct you anywhere other than forwards.
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  12. I drove a red one in BATUS in 93 as part of the range safety. Loads of fun driving in the rain and mud whilst trying to avoid target holes.
  13. Gunners had the liaison variant for FOO Acks into the late 80s