Ferret Mechs

Discussion in 'REME' started by Cutaway, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I'm afraid I have a serious question to those of you with experience of the late, lamented (?) Ferret.

    Yesterday I received a call from a mate of mine, (no, really,) who's decided in his infinite wisdom that the only thing he can't live without is a Ferret. He wants me to give it the once over to see if it's worth buying, which would be a great idea if I had a fecking Scooby about these buggers.

    This is the one he's found:

    Anyone worked on this VRN ?

    Any advice about what I should look for and which parts of the veh require special attention will be greatly appreciated.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I know where there is a turret for sale with a .30 Browning mount!
  3. Ferret has a pre select gearbox which requies you to "pedal up" 6 times in each gear (no engine running, select gear, press gear change pedal to floor and release, 6 times, do this in all gears, this allows the self adjustment in gearbox to take place) and then check for slip, also remember brakes were emotional, engines seemed pretty reliable, god Im showing my age!!!
  4. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Mind you I'm more interested in the universal carrier in the background.
  5. Ah the FSC. Used to be the EMEs runaround toy. As I remember you needed to be fairly small to drive them properly if you were to avoid banging your head and knees every time you went over a bump..
  6. Dont worry mate we all know how old you are, thats why MCM Div gave you that desk job :wink:

    Only worked on them at Bordon on my basic course unlike 24A who was on the Reliability trials when they procured them :D he's the expert.
  7. two-four-Albert,
    Surely it was twenty times in each gear, both forward and reverse??
    ( but then I hated tankies, especially the ones that dropped the flywheel filler plugs)

  8. Make sure you check all the suspension link pins which are prone to wear if all the linkages hadn't been well greased.............................from a concerned 'Tankie' who never dropped a flywheel filler plug!!! :D
  9. Cutaway,

    Why the plethora of mirrors? The last thing you have time to do driving Ferrets is to worry about your make up, or who you run over.

    Seriously though, as long as you keep them well serviced, they will run forever.

    But as a small tip, drill a hole in the top of the air inlet elbow , above the carburettor (sp?), to allow a drop of petrol to be poured in when the beast wont start.

    Another thing is to check the fluid flywheel oil level, but make sure you put lots of rags around the filler so the plug cannot fall out.

    I always found that having my head right inside was the best way to drive, and it also allows you to light your fags on the move.

  10. When dropping the hatches, don't leave yer fingers in the way, it hurts like fcuk!
  11. Soprano54 - didn't one of yours get to heaven commanding a mk1 many years ago and flipped it over? - if so, I was part of the Recce wagon that lifted the thing off him
  12. Correct, do you remember the message that the driver sent out across the airwaves?..........................'NODUFF no Fluff'!!! :twisted:
  13. Ah yes, Fluff H****t IIRC?
  14. I am in the market for new wheels and this would look cool in the carpark at home, how much?

  15. GCP pedalled up 20 times in each gear. Since reverse is selected through the transfer box you only tell the driver to do it in forward and reverse if he has upset you. EMER you need is Wheeled Vehicles V630 I think or you could go to Ebay and buy a straight jacket for your mate!! Shimming the sun, all those needle roller bearings, the smell of expensive petrol, the backfires, welding the split exhaust, all of the wiring with that yellow insulation and no tabs, synchronising the points......gibber........slaver