ferret car searchlight

Discussion in 'The Lamp and Sandbag II - The Tall Story Strikes B' started by mickeyluv, Mar 14, 2010.

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  1. I was just having a wander around my local army surplus store and found a couple of searchlights which the bloke in there said came off a ferret scout car, does anybody know how powerful these would be? the bulb in them looked like a brake light bulb with 2 filaments but the switch on the back only had an on and off position.
  2. about 1/2 the power of a Maglite. I think you will find that the type of spot light you are on about can be seen on a number of WW2 vehicles
  3. Ferrets were after my time but this pic was in local paper a short time ago, note light on this!

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  4. BB thats the head light, there was a spotlight that could be mounted on the right hand side of the turret on both the Ferret and the Saracen, but it was the same as the commander's spot on tanks dateing back to before WW2, the things are all over the place in Bovy tank museum, heres one on a MK1

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  5. I use a Bresser X5 II/IR with video out put night vision scope £99.99 at Lidle
  6. I think they are only something like 21W, frequently advertised for more by saying they are off Pink Panthers :)

    Is this the one?
  7. Nice pic of Ferret searchlight,taken at 11H reunion last year.Group of Military vehicle enthusiasts turned up to keep things ticking over.

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  8. An answer from a ferret instructor at the ASMT....

    "Sounds like the standard Vehicle Searchlight, we had them on the Antars and used them as Bivvy lights, Don't think I ever knew what the "candle power" was. nor do I remember them fitted with a dual filament bulb they were also almost certainly 24v. the wattage of the bulb was usually stamped/printed on the bulbs metal collar. One more thing because these were usually hand held they had a closed circuit and didn't rely on the light to provide an electric return"
  9. Yep, thats the one, cheers