Fern Britton

Yes, she is fat enough to qualify as a guest speaker on Rum Ration.

No, I do not have enough money to keep her in Hob Nobs for an hour.

Ohhhh, Yessssss!
I'd do her but I prefer Fearne Cotton!

(edited because I'm a mong)
Yes but after she has sorted her weight out and made the fitness DVD about it. She could even become the poster girl for Armyfit. Its only a matter of time...

Keep dreaming L_V
Fern would be a terrific shag and her husband could knock up an excellent breakfast the next morning.
Fern Britton in the 90s was top tottie!

so, shes put on a few pounds? she definately would get it, and extra portions

Candidate for Yummy Mummy award

I think that if your going to be fussy you can't really consider yourself a squaddie! Remember, every hole is a goal!
Yes, with Lorraine Kelly on the side.


counterstrike said:

Ohhhh, Yessssss!
hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah need I go on!
oh and yes!!!!!!
i think shes better looking than the likes of victoria beckham and nicole richie far too skinny!! bit of meat...something to grab hold of!
General Melchett said:
Yes, with Lorraine Kelly on the side.
And with that in mind...I'm off to the loo for a sex wee.
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