Fern Britton claims its all about her t!ts

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by FunkyNewBlood, Aug 10, 2006.

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  1. Or maybe 12 year old spotty boys are confusing you with Fern Cotton? I know its happened to me. . . . . .


    I still bloody would though!
  2. If she came around my way it would be all over her t!ts.
  3. fat chicks need cuddles to !!!!
  4. Of course its her t**S only reason i watch her MMMMMM!!
  5. But as soon as they were released from their ample restraints, her t1ts would disappear under her arm pits. I wouldnt want to brush my face past her armpits to get a suck of her nipples, she looks like she can sweat for her country.
  6. She's right.
  7. you know you would.........

  8. i would have to roll her in flour to find her wet spot.
  9. slap that an ride her ripples
  10. She might break wind to point you in the right direction :roll:
  11. because you have never done that before, have you 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O :?:
  12. I'd seriously spit roast her - I know she's big but very sexy I reckon and I reckon she know's what she's doing - very dirty girl!!
  13. All over them perhaps!!!!
  14. Will have to grease her up with baby-oil first!
  15. its a fetish of mine you have to try it sometime.
    you might like it.