Fern Britton claims its all about her t!ts

Fern Britton says fans are obsessed with her chest.

The This Morning presenter has become an internet sex symbol and says it's all thanks to her ample clevage.

According to Heat magazine she said: "It's all about my t*ts, isn't it? I am what I am, I didn't always look like this but now I do.

"I keep as fit as I can but nothing seems to happen. You just have to get on with life. As long as my husband and my kids are happy, that's fine."
Or maybe 12 year old spotty boys are confusing you with Fern Cotton? I know its happened to me. . . . . .

I still bloody would though!
fat chicks need cuddles to !!!!
Of course its her t**S only reason i watch her MMMMMM!!
MSI64 said:
Of course its her t**S only reason i watch her MMMMMM!!
But as soon as they were released from their ample restraints, her t1ts would disappear under her arm pits. I wouldnt want to brush my face past her armpits to get a suck of her nipples, she looks like she can sweat for her country.
She's right.
you know you would.........

freedomofspeech said:
i would have to roll her in flour to find her wet spot.
because you have never done that before, have you 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O :?: 8O :?:
I'd seriously spit roast her - I know she's big but very sexy I reckon and I reckon she know's what she's doing - very dirty girl!!
Fern is the numero uno pick on the "Women you shouldn't fancy but do thread". she is a lovely bundle of fun, with a wicked, wicked smile.

Recently I have been watching 10th Kingdom. Have any of you fellow chubby-chasers out there clocked Camryn Manheim? Oh my goodness, she makes Fern's chebs look like fried eggs...
I'm with Cutsy and Cuddles on this one. Another woman I'd ratlle silly, with half the chance, Dawn French... You just know she'd get it! :wink:
Don't forget Lisa Tarbuck...such a fine body of a woman that one.
The Tarbuck filly is well worth a tumble but it'd have to be a one-nighter; imagine being invited to meet Daddy, and then (obviously) having to pan the gurning scouse f*cker's face in. Lisa wouldn't like that. Still...

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