Fermanagh to host G8 Summit

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Jacques_Bustard, Nov 20, 2012.

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  1. Great, it will cost a fortune to police......again.....

  2. G8, the eight leading economies and Ireland, no possible connection there.............They are obviously hoping that plenty of those cheeky: Terry, Occupy & Anonymous types will drown in the surrounding bottomless mires......

    .....that might work!
  3. I am looking forward to the reaction of the summit hopping protestors who arrive in 'the County that time forgot'.
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  4. They had better wear their waterproofs and wellies, what a wet miserable dump!
  5. Should set it in the marching season confuse the hell out of everybody.
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  6. Is there a building in Fermanagh big enough to accomadate the G8?
    Is it really a wise idea to through non religious protestor types into Northern Ireland? Its really going to confuse the locals, who's going to through things at who?
  7. It will make the Greeks feel at home!
  8. Been discussing this for the past hour or so.
    I'll be opening a book in early June on the time/date of the first anarcho/crustie death.
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  9. I reckon it's quite canny. How many loony lefties are going to travel to Fermanagh to cause trouble? How many will actually find it? How many will stay after the second night of being piss wet through with very few media crews because there aren't that many other hotels down there? It'll be policed for tuppence ha'penny!
  10. Black bloc will be confused as hell.
    Cant see the orange order or its little friends on the other side have much in common with euro anarchists apart from petrol bomb chucking.

    Anyone know the recipe for a vegan ulster fry? Sure to make shed loads.
    Finally a chance for slab to unload all those surplus balaclavas.

    Secret service is going to be confused possilby the only place barry could go that any dubious character with a high powered rifle isnt going to aiming at him:)
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  11. It'll be interesting to see how the different nations play protocol on the diplomatic front...
  12. Well, if there are long haired, lefty bleating, whinning types, they will be stopped at the airports and ports. If they try and go via the Republic and come in that way, the Irish Guarda Special Branch will sort them, (known to be quite rough at times), and will work closely with the PSNI Special Branch (I was going to say the RUC), but that would be not PC. they will try and keep those protesters at bay........
  13. If I've got the location right, if they can close one road a couple of days before and put a couple of rigid raiders on Lower Lough Erne, nobody is getting near it without a helicopter.
  14. That works both ways though. When they have held summits in rural locations before the main target of the protestors have been the routes in on the first day.

    Better than average chance the main protests won't be anywhere near Irvinestown, they will hold them in Belfast or Londonderry. During G8 Gleneagles there was only really one protest anywhere near the venue, they were protesting in Edinburgh and Stirling.

    Greenpeace aren't shy about trying to approach G8 summits by boat either and I doubt if the PSNI will be allowed to get quite as 'robust' as the Germans did Greenpeace boat hunted by the german police at Heiligendamm - YouTube