Feral scum: The Final Solution

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Shandy123, Aug 10, 2011.

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  1. the parents, always the fucking parents.
    Anyone see that fat fuck of a horrorbag being interviewed on BBC news 24 about 30 mins ago in Manchester?
    She was stood oitside a shopping centre with her fat, future dole scum son aged about 10, defending the riots saying the usual shit 'there's nowt for 'em' etc...
    Looks to me like there's plenty of kebab meat and chips for 'em.
    Then a shop keeper challenges her, saying its no excuse for smashing his shop up, and she tries to say he has no sympathy for the guy in London who got shot? Wtf?
    People seem incapable of presenting any logical argument.
    The next guy on was full grown man who tried to justify it with the usual 'its the poles taking our jobs' shit.
    The newsreader lost his cool and professional detachment for a while and looed like he wanted to say 'you thick twat'.
    About time we start removing people like these from our society, they are an absolute waste of skin. Lets dump them on one of our islands and leave them to it, along with the rioters and anyone else who doesn't want to take part constructively.
    I vote for South Georgia. Or if you want to give them a chance, Pitcairn.
    Who's with me?
    E petition?
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  2. Current affairs? A new thread, did you need to...
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  3. I'm with you Shandy.
  4. You want the Final Solution to the Untermenschen Problem? Get yourself a Blackberry and arrange a full out attack by the gangsta-Walts on Parliament tomorrow. Once the surviving politicians have finished shitting themselves, they will set up a UK Einsatzgruppen. Job's a good 'un.

    The only way you'll get significant change for the better in this country is through a blood sacrifice of politicians. Personally, that is a price I'm willing to pay.:twisted:
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  5. They need to be fucking wiped out. I'm not joking either. That hippocrocapig in Manchester and her fat children - ragggeeeeee, count to 10...
  6. think the hippogriff is relatively harmless are ministers and the senior civil servants special advsiors quangocrats etc etc
    who had real power for the last 30 odd years not so much.
    all the parties are infested with the same lack of balls to actually do anything the only ones that do are barking mad:(
    most of the problems have simple solutions they just need brains and some cash spent carefully.
    The market and credit rating agencies can be tamed a few bankers meet with accidents the rest will suddenly start to behave
  7. again - im with you shandy - fucking thick as a whale omelette untermensche slag gobbing off on bbc news - clearly shes done us all a favour

  8. completely agree
  9. There's a little island ,just off Scotland called Gruinard they can go to. Mind has been highly contaminated with Anthrax for years !!!
  10. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Mods, shouldn't this be in the Naafi?
  11. Why should it?
    I'm seriously suggesting it as government policy.
    I'll vote for any mainstream party which adopts this idea of banishment as policy
  12. HAs actually been DE-contaminated, (at enormous expense to the taxpayer) for years. Aren't Urban myths wonderful?
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  13. After years of being a card-carrying member of the Tory Party (I quit under Thatcher) my wife commented earlier today "You seem to have developed a real dislike of the Conservatives". Not really... I've ALWAYS had an abiding dislike of Bullshit, and Call me Dave seems to have all-but cornered the market in it. His little gang masterminded a recession "because it's GOOD for us", and he filled his cabinet with multi-millionaires, then had the brass neck to tell us "We're all in this together!" Sure Dave. I'm sure that your mates - and their kids - will feel the cuts every bit as strongly as the poorest in society. Not.

    Just as well that Dave rushed back from his Chianti-shire summer hols: elsewise we'd probably have missed his less than enlightening pronouncements to the media. The police, he says, will be allowed to use rubber bullets and water cannon. Ten minutes later, a spokesman for ACPO announces that there's VERY little likelihood of either being deployed.

    Few of the rioting kids will be headed for university, many will spend much of their lives unemployed. But they've managed to pick up on the idea that young people generally are going to be amongst the hardest hit - and most repeatedly hit - by Dave's cuts. Doesn't matter if someone actually likes beer, or hates the stuff; if you piss in someone's beer, they ARE going to take a swing at you. And if they can't, then they'll take a swing at someone that they imagine (possibly wrongly) to be you mate. THAT, I suspect, is what's happening. Merely stating that "Children should be seen and not heard" is a piss-poor policy. Yet it seems to be the central plank of the Coalition's manifesto.
  14. Surprisingly, I tend to agree with Ron.
    There is/always has been a 'Underclass' in Britain who have never had it. Never had a chance in life.
    Well most didn't but a some got a grip of themselves and sorted out their poor start in life.
    It's not all the Tory's fault, Labour where in power for 13 of last 15 years as was pointed out to Harriet H on the BBC the other night.
    There always will be unemployment, has any democracy achieved 100 % employment ?
    Lack of jobs is an evil just as Welfare Dependency is.
    Dave is the wrong person to lead the Tory Party, if his father had been a corner shop owner we might have had a chance.