Feral Gang fights...

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by chocolate_frog, Feb 8, 2012.

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  1. Leave them to die of wounds inflicted, therefore less of teh scum and more money for those that deserve it. Still reckon HMP South Georgia has a lovely ring to it, along with HMPS Ark Royal to get them there.
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  2. Shows how thick they are that they arranged fake alibis with easily-traced text messages.

    The more of each other that they kill, the better.
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  3. I believe violence is linked to the length of ones hair. Looking at all of those mug shots, they all have short hair!

    The British Army, renowned the world over for its brutal and violent put down of any nasty long haired enemy, all have short hair.

    Hippys have long hair and do not fight!

    So, ban short hair and the world would be a safer place!
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  4. What about the Vikings then? Were they in fact big Nancies who set off in their longships to swap knitting patterns and trade tofu for lentils?
  5. Wigs!!! These were attached to the inside of their helmets, just like the ginger "see you Jimmy" hats. The horns on the helmets allowed them to remove them, and the wigs during a fight, revealing their short hair.

    I saw that on Time Team! ;)
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  6. article-2097899-11A0B8ED000005DC-480_233x338.jpg article-2097899-11A0B4BC000005DC-4_224x338.jpg

    There's a wedding album you wouldn't want to see.
  7. That is why I prefer photographing pies and vegetables to doing weddings. I've never had a pile of spuds get arseholes drunk and smash up my kit or nick it to sell on Ebay.
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  8. Growing up in Blackpool I know Blackpool based Pykies do a roaring trade in Ginger see you jimmy hats, horned viking hats and boob hats, not to mention pig swill, dancing mikey mouses, anything chinese with an led in it and anything unlocked.

    So I read the article but couldnt pinpoint what the 'gangs'rivalry was about, drugs, whoe's, football? I initially though it was about an egging but these look too tough to be throwing eggs at each other.

    Not saying the grass is always greener but thank fuck I left.
  9. Isn't it about time we looked at 'offshoring' the prison system. We've done it with call centres and the like, and there's plenty of new EU countries who could use a bit of cash; Romania, Bulgaria etc. I'm sure have some nice cells that could accommodate a few UK inmates.

    Alternatively perhaps, we could make the prison fit the crime. I.e If it's a money laudering offence, then off to Rikers Island in New York, Peado's would be sent to Thailand, druggies could even be sent over to somewhere hot, sandy and distinctly unpleasant.

    No more life of comfort for the jailbirds, and just to make it fair, I'd split the sentences into 3 parts. First 3rd spent offshore, second 3rd back here in chokey for a bit of rehabilitation, last 3rd on parole. If you re-offend or breach parole then it's back to square one
  10. Didn't work for the septics when they set up Guantanamo.

  11. they certainly had their share of sagas (not holiday ships for OAPs by the way) that involved the women insulting the menfolk on to renew 50 year old family bloodfeuds etc... not a lot new in the world when you reqally look.
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  12. She'd get it.
  13. In what way didn't it work?

    I thought it seemed fairly effective.

    But since you mention it, if there's spare capacity over there we could add it to the list. My vote would be for it to be a place where we find out from pikeys where they've stashed all the cash from robbing memorials.
  14. Wow. Hard cunt he is. Instead of going round to his gaff and offering him out, he gets behind his keyboard then gets a load of his wee pals to help him.

    Remind why we aren't allowed to cull them at birth again?