Feral Children

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Undertaker, Nov 18, 2003.

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  1. Is anybody else out there fed up with the gangs of feral children that roam our quarter areas?

    Maybe I'm just old fashioned or expect a bit too much but I am pi**ed off having to live in an area that resembles a council tip. Some of the things that go on are:

    1. Rubbish thrown all over the communial grassed areas.

    2. Rubbish bags split open and the contents dragged all over the

    3. Kids nicking valve caps from car tyres.

    4. Kids vandalising cars.

    I thought that with Soldiers supposedly being a disciplined bunch, they would instill the same discipline and regard for authority in their offspring but apparently not. Even when the local bobby goes round to the little miscreants house to say that little Jonny is making a nuisance of himself again, the parents do sod all.

    I would love it if COs would exercise their powers a bit more and kick scrotes like this off the camp. The parents may then take a bit more of an interest in what their kids are getting up to!!
  2. It is likely that parents who allow their spawn to misbehave in this way are breaching the terms of their licence to occupy FQs. However, to make sure that action is taken it must be proved who is responsible and they will usually be given many chances to try and stop it. Apathetic Estates staff don't help.

    I suffered a similar problem in Germany when single UKBCs were stuck in flats with soldiers families. Most were fine but some (from an inf bn) were a nightmare. Ultimately the Dep Gar Cmd and RMP gripped the situation, but only after we all complained.

    I would certainly get on the UWOs case about this. Write to him after every incident asking him to take action, so there's a record. If parents don't care what their brats get up to, and if they are out at all hours, they may be neglecting them, so you may like to drop their names to Social Services.

    You could also try getting a rent reduction from DHE by claiming that the housing is substandard because of all the problems.
  3. Friends of mine lived on the patch next to a perfectly ordinary and decent family who had one black sheep in the form of a drug addict daughter in her late teens. She returned home periodically to steal from her family and this would coincide with neighbours cars being broken into. Her father banned her friends from the house after coming home to find them taking drugs in the living room but the vandalism and theft carried on and he admitted that she was beyond his control (even though he was dealing with hundreds of teenage soldiers for a living).
  4. How terrible. And a good catholic family too.
  5. A story from Little America in Southern Germany:

    Whilst walking my wife back from the pub in December 2002, I caught 4 people spray painting cars. Upon my shouting rather unsavory words to them, I gave chase whilst my wife flagged down a MP. I focused my attentions upon one of the offenders and ran him down on a playing field, where I taught him a quick lesson in Rugby.

    I then took the young chappe to the MP and proceeded to spend the rest of what was my wedding anniversary in a US MP office giving statements.

    The upshot of it was:

    16 cars, SUVs and truck with silver highlights.
    nearly $33000 worth of repairs.

    The one I caught sung like a canary, not supprising when you find out that he was only 10, and the other 3 were all under 15.

    All 4 famillies were shipped back to the states (imagine that on your CR) and the ring leader also got 8 months in detention.
  6. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    In the UK we would recruit them into the Army and post them to the Kings Regt
  7. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Unfortunately, the worst ones on my patch (the one with a motorbike without silencer and the one who set fire to a tyre) are far too young. I think we need to bring back boy buglers/drummers etc. :evil:
  8. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    And now one of the families has a caravan outside which appears to either being lived in or at least used as transit accomm from time to time. "Mixed rank' patches my ARRSE - I am actively looking forward to Telic to get away!

    And if the little tykes who have suddenly started hanging around my neighbour's abode because he has a dau who is beginning to discover boys don't move along rather than gawping into my drawing room Mr. Shotgun is coming out of the armoury and get dusted off.
  9. Brings to mind the expression about more goldfish going down the drain than vicars' daughteres in Soho...

    I wonder, which do the British hate more: Badly behaved children, or the parents who can't cope with what they've spawned?
  10. Level pegging in my book :evil:
  11. Rock and a Hard place! How do you discipline nowadays........fortunately my kids are too young to roam...............that said we do discipline, groundings, loss of p.money and as a last resort a hard slap.

    But not everything can be directly attributed to kids.rubbish sacks attract vermin, carrion birds and cats amongst other things..not evertything is the fault of children.

    Rubbish strewn across communal areas.think p*ssed up young squaddies and more recently civvies coming home from the pub as well. :wink:
  12. Purple_Flash

    Purple_Flash LE Moderator

    Good on you with the last resort, but beware, Blunkett and his mad minions may be coming after you... ;-)
  13. Blind Pugh cant find a decent policy................and they are so much easier...all you gotta do is listen and he is according to myth supposed to overcompensate in that department 8) 8)
  14. How shocking.
  15. Quite...........no Polo ponies involved at all in this? :wink: