feps is it a good thing or bad?I want your views please

FEPS the new gene that looks like a fairground cine 2000 on wheels that dont stop or can be towed by a box body, another great investment from the people who help keep ex pals buisness's above the breadline( or so Im led to believe from the toilet walls). Its all fancy and electronic . It is far too techie and will balls up, then the contract will turn out to be arrse too????.... Now FEPDS - good bit of kit stops you monkeys from building your own splitter boxes and electrifying the world.

Starting procedure - Turn switchs to On and Start. Plug in kettle, heater, phone charger and dodgy lighting. Actions On - stoppage - call powerfield.
Powerfield say 'GOOD THING'

But they would say that wouldn't they ?

Why Bother Kagool me ol mucker - not as if you are gonna fix it now is it ?!?!

Well, not when the KK Klan is there to do it for ya !

All bells and whistles and electrikery - just what you need in the damp middle of nowhere with limited ES - catch my drift ?

Chill them beers boy - 4 weeks left 'til the off

(Did u get those CD's at New Years ?)
FEPS is a brilliant bit of kit, its idiot proof so even bats can use it. It has even got battle switches, so you can run it when just about everything is f***ed, even the cpu.

[It is far too techie and has no battle switch????....]
The Red Shadow needs to come up with an alterantive to a splitter box for monkeys, or else Fletch will go goo goo, ha ha. Billbo Baggings eat you heart out. :!:
SwivO - what is FEPDS ?

ViciousCircle..... a very valid observation...............GEMS No 1. Sack all the VE's that will leave loads of money to train the VM's ........absolutely savetastic mate.......brilliant idea............ i should've been a tiffy we should :lol:
Recently used the system, and the proof is in the pudding!

Its the dogs conkers.

Especially when I'm not using the live studs.

Need more people trained as I'm always first port of call. If its wasnt for FEPS I'd of had the golden maggot award.

8O 8O :? 8O 8O
so yes i can confirm

sh*te x country

the tv screen tells you **** all

without FEPDS it does what?

without a Machy (which still cant tow the ******) it does what?

what a bit of kit

Red swinger is right sack all the VE's. But on the other hand who would you turn to when you can't figure out why it isn't working. Ask a tech I don't think so, a VM; no, you'll just be plain and simply F**k. Perhaps that Red swinger needs to get of his or more like her box and come up with something orginal for a change. As for FEPS, well its better than the Huntings Genny's but could still be better. As for the contractepair and replace, its worked for me.

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