Feng Shui at work...

Feng shui the science or art of correctly placing your fortress/village so that it's easily defencible and has nearby resources.

Maybe someone left the toilet seat up...


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Wind and water: need one say more.


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There's no denying that someone got it right - for example, the buildings still standing either side of the new beach. Prime location if you ask me - especially with all that loverly sand.
It's the Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Region. Obviously Heaven's punishment on separatists. :winkrazz:
When they rebuild,will the buildings point the correct way? Then they can open the front and back doors,so the water goes right through.
After 4000 years of practice that feng shui mumbo jumbo is really starting to cut in, without all that channelled luck the Chinese would be well scuppered....

Here's the evidence:




I bet they're glad they've got it right at last....
Not so sure they have.
Cheers, it was a "must share" moment wasn't it.
Shit day at work. Schadenfreude, one of my favorite forms of humour. Have a like, MS.
I had one of these folk turn up at home.

She said that my footstool should be moved.

I enquired as to whether this action would improve my health and happiness.

She told me. "No. It's a fucking trip hazard."
The problem with this sort of stuff is that if you start believing in the dragon of unhappiness and such like things then don't be in the least surprised if it turns up and starts living in your loo.

Quite possibly, within the context of the Agatean Empire, a several thousand year old set of principles for living one's life and organising one's home and artefacts in the most harmonious manner possible.

A short-lived event in the life of Ankh-Morpork that never quite took off to the point where it became a fad, nor a means for insecure middle-class people to be relieved, by a trained Fung Shooey practitioner, of the inharmonious state of having too much cash and spare time on their hands. The person who intended to be the Fung Shooey practitioner who would unselfishly help people through the disharmony of having too much money (by selflessly taking away the excess) was C.M.O.T. Dibbler.

Fung Shooey foundered on the literal-mindedness of Ankh-Morpork people. Although his first customer, William de Worde, just walked away harmlessly with the advice that he might be more comfortable with his chair in a different position, Dibbler's perpetual bad luck struck at the second customer. Advised, in return for a consultation fee, to keep the privy lid down lest the Dragon of Unhappiness fly up his bottom, a Mr Passmore conscientiously followed this sage wisdom.

Until the moment he forgot, and lo, the Dragon of Unhappiness did manifest itself, and it was some time before Mr Passmore could walk properly again.

The Grand Master of Fung Shooey (Dibbler) then regretted exactly how well he had persuaded Mr Passmore of the existence of a Dragon of Unhappiness, paused and thought about for a little while, then decided that there was no point in proceeding with the Dibbler wind chimes and the Dibbler mirrors if bad karma was going to plop down upon his head like this.
You can get paid expenses for losing feng shui.

About a mile down the road from me the government is building a new weather radar for the airport. The villagers claimed it would bugger up their feng shui, so they received a “Tun Fu” ex-gratia allowance from the government to cover the costs of holding a religious ceremony prior to construction, in accordance with established policy.

"Since the 1960s, the government has been paying “Tun Fu” allowances to cover items in the ceremony such as the Tun Fu master’s fee, purchase of joss papers and sticks and food to be offered in the ceremony".

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