Fencing - initial enquiry

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by FrogPrince, May 22, 2006.

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  1. Salutations, leaders of tomorrow !

    Hypothetically speaking, if the UK Armed Services were to organise a week long Summer Camp specifically dedicated to the fine Olympic sport of Fencing, would there be any takers from the ACF, CCF, OTC community?

    No prior knowledge required, fully qualified Service coaches, lots of fun, make new friends and influence people.... look how far Pearce Brosnan and Johnny Depp have come since they started in the sport ! Just the thing for dealing with the Karzi of Kaliba.

    Only throwing a pebble in the water, at the minute, to see if I get any ripples. Your thoughts, comments, loud opinions much appreciated.


    PS Does LUOTC still have a Gun Troop ? I have many happy memories of competing in the KGVI ('84-'89). Back in those days.... (yawn)
  2. FP
    From my first reaction WTF I think it is an excellent idea; it is an olympic (with no thoughts of removing it by the IOC) sport and I think could be a goog one to nurture for the future.

  3. Army fencing is already open to OTC and cadets. Speak to your RSM to see if he/she will support you as you would need to be paid for insurance purposes. Inter-services is coming up in June.
  4. Id have a go, seems like a good experience.
  5. Any chance of the TA getting an invite?
  6. Will you just be covering palisade, featherboard and jacktop, or will we also learn about pergolas, arches and arbours? I have an allergy to creosote, will this be a problem?
  7. The old'uns are the best eh? :D

    And yes White Horse, you are very welcome indeed! The more, the merrier!
  8. Top idea, invite the TA.
    I’ve always wanted to try fencing :D
  9. Yeh, sorry everyone. Believe me, I fought it with every inch of my being, but the legacy of several thousand years of "fencing" jokes was upon me, in the end, the spirit of Dumas made me do it. :D
  10. Ah, fencing.

    It would be good, but only if you can get Epee and Sabre in there as well as Foil, 'cos frankly, Foil is a wee bit shite. Epee is hard as hell, and Sabre is fun as hell.

    And because I'm an ego-monster, I'll point out that I'm a national Sabre fencer.
  11. Will forever remember "Sarge" at my prep school in the '70s - ex RSM in the APTC and was in the pre-war (1938?) Olympic Fencing team for Sabre. Great stuff, both him and the sport. Loved it as a kid.
  12. You would almost certainly get interest from the OTCs as there are bound to be a few uni Fencing Club members out there. Rope them in to instruct, usual child protection issues not withstanding.
  13. I think Army fencing is alive and well, not quite sure where this is going?
  14. URNU mids have previously attended RN fencing events without problems.