Fences might be there for a reason... (Calgary Zoo)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by xena.the.canuck, Oct 5, 2009.

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  1. It seems the things some people do will just leave a bad taste in your mouth... especially if you're a tiger.

    Clickety click for the story.

    ... Dumbarse.
  2. Short tigers, was this Legoland? Unfortunately the guy was not Darwinised and stilll lives, beardy cnut.
  3. Sounds like a drunk septic. We'll let ANYONE over our border these days.......
  4. Oh, so the tiger just happened to be taking a stroll outside of its enclosure then...?
  5. The bellend probably deserved it, what a monger.

    Disturbing a tiger's morning constitutional, people have been shot for less... and more...
  6. Might be a Regimental urban myth, but I’m sure there was a story about a drunk Trooper in the Skins who when on R&R after a MEDMAN clambered into the polar bear enclosure at Calgary zoo in the late ‘80s. He escaped with a swipe down his back from the bear’s claws & claimed to have belted the bear on the nose…
  7. Anyone else giggle that this was in the newspaper's entertainment section? :D
  8. ...wah?
  9. 100% true old chap! 1987 MM4 R&R in Calgary. He stayed behind after the zoo closed with the intention of getting hold of a rattle snake from the reptile house (don't ask).

    He found the house locked so in his drunken stupor he decided to have a look at the polar bear enclosure. Leaning over the wall, his fags dropped out of his shirt pocket and into the pit, so via a tree and a railing he climbed down to retrieve them.

    On his way back up, he felt something tugging at his ankle and looked down to see said bear with one of it's incisors sticking through his achilles tendon. It had crossed the (un)protective moat to have a go!

    True to form our intrepid young hero, holding on with one hand reached down and smacked the tw*t on the nose. The bear took exception to this, let go of his ankle and raked his chest, but unbelievably didn't disembowel him!

    He climbed out, ran out of the park chased by zoo keepers who observed the whole thing, jumped in a taxi and fell in through the lobby of the Sandman Hotel (where we had all repaired for a sesh) covered in blood and gibbering inanely (which, if you knew him, wasn't anything out of the ordinary).

    He told us what had happened, and thinking that he had just had a kicking we took him to the room to get him cleaned up just as a whole posse of police, paramedics and zookeepers descended on the place!

    After the fallout, it was all confirmed as gen, and made the Calgary papers and, I believe, our own current bun. We took him back to the zoo to try and ID which bear it was and he was quite the local celebrity, with random females wanting their picture taken with him. Naturally we all bathed in his glory!

    RG, otherwise known as Bu----d, I salute you sir. I haven't seen you since you left but if you are out there buddy, PM me or get in touch via the Skins or RDG website. There's a reunion in Blackpool every year mate and the boys are all there waiting for you...

    Captain Willard

    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  10. Capt Willard-

    Many thanks, I was sure it was true. I'd forgotten the little details about the rattlesnake & the fags.

    Remember Tpr "Wilf" who was allegedly seen driving down the range road on MEDMAN in '91 holding a very angry rattlesnake by the neck out of the window of Bunter's Landrover?
  11. I liked the bit about the tiger not being injured. At least no-one suggested that it was an unruly animal and should be destroyed.

  12. Was it covered in whipped cream and cherries?... :wink:


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum
  13. No, but I remember Bunter returning to take command of C Sqn & doing his nut when he saw the following names on the panzers:

    0B - Candy

    0C - Cream

    SSM Ferret (never remember callsign) - Cherries

    There were also some lads in B Sqn who tried to rename their panzers Belsen, Belzec & Buchenwald. That was vetoed for reasons of taste & decency...
  14. Bunters was a good egg. As his operator I recall him ordering us to go to 'Blue in the Turret' with a crate of Labatts. :D

    Wonder what he's up to now?...


    Quis Separabit

    Vestigia Nulla Retrorsum

    PS - It's 33A... :wink:
  15. Was that MEDMAN 5 in 1991? I commanded 14B on that exercise with Binksy as driver & some specimen from the RAMC who slept in the back for the whole exercise. Happy days :)

    I remember Labatts being "Thatcher" because it was blue, Bud as "Kinnock" as it was red & Molson as "Major" because it was grey...