Femis is Dead long live Tranman

Discussion in 'REME' started by error_unknown, Jan 26, 2003.

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  1. If you thought FEMIS was ARRSE then wait out.  FEMIS is on its last legs and the new kid on the block is TRANMAN the all singing all dancing off the shelf (that's civvy orientated) software package comprising stores requisitions, job cards, fault reports, defects, fuel and mileage accounting, the the AB562 eqpt records, track mileage, ancillaries, rounds fired reports, scheduled maint and inspections...the list goes on and on.  Truly something to look forward too along with the PDA's, those little hand held computers are a god send for playing cards on!!!!.  Well its not all that without a totally radical change to the approach to your normal working practice,  because its a civvy bit of software it has nothing to do with the good old 1084's and they way we have carried out ES processes for years.  You can't have a job on an open job card unless you created a defect for the fault, not a defect as we know it but a sort of fault report defect.  then if the job is A/S you cant use it, even if its not VOR....  this new software will certainly improve your keyboard skills if nothing else due to the number of screens you have to enter data onto to clear a job.  Just wait you'll see what I mean when your lumbered with it and running three systems all at the same time with no crafties on the shop floor.  Why oh why dont the MOD get IT brained squaddies to design and produce a software package for them.   It won't cost half as much and it might even be usefull and fit for purpose instead of trying to bastardise some civvy crap with blistered on MS access reports.  Finally it does take a long time to get your head round it but if you forget anything you've ever done before with regard to looking after or repairing your equipments then a blank empty space in your head will soon be filled with WFM and Tranman.  Good luck to all who get it !! ???   :-/
  2. Sorry to disapoint you but TRANMAN has been sacked :roll:
  3. Wrong there. TRANMAN has not been sacked, although it should be. TRANMAN was always an interim package and will be replaced shortly by JAMES 1, followed later by JAMES 2.
    TRANMAN was basically a bought transport management system which did not have an engineering capability. The bolt on access shite was never going to work as the people who do paperwork day in, day out were not consulted. Ask yourself why no 857 is listed, only the 932?
    Sorry for being boring, time for another pint of the foaming ale!
  4. James 2 will not be anywhere near replacing FEMIS until well after 2010. Bearing in mind this was posted in 2005....

    Do I get the award for resurrecting the oldest thread?
  5. i agree ex_reme as my lot work on the software for femis
  6. JAMES is up and running in our place. 932's are done on it, pinged back to the user who then rocks up to the fitter sect who then put the jobs onto FEMIS.
    That's the process according to the JAMES Helpdesk as at 1030hrs thins morning.
  7. Whoa there cable_ties.

    You have james 1, which is just a tool for mt reps.
    james 2 is what is 'supposed' to replace FEMIS. If you do 932's on femis the jobs can automatically be pulled onto the jobcard........
  8. Quite right, but in lieu of JAMES 2 getting into the field anytime soon (assuming it works) the above process is what we're supposed to use. For the time being at least until someone else decides to stick their oar in.
  9. I will look into this, I was under the impression that all units with more than 5 REME are to use ALL femis.
  10. Just to let you all know as well.

    If you are using DII and still using the black and white screens for FEMIS you need to speak to your unicom sys admin to get a nice looking GUI system on your DII terminal. Much better on the eye and easier to use.
  11. Gents,

    Be grateful your not getting Tranman, I have been using it for years and it is a pile of ****

    And can tell you it would not work in military circles at all
  12. Cant we just go back to the good old hard copy days. I first had Femis 1 in around 1994 after having 6 successful years using job cards, then after moving back to job cards in various other units went to Tranman in 2002 and now back with Femis again. Every unit seems to have a different system and takes the first month or so re-learning everything.
  13. Any unit could and should have FEMIS.
  14. Yes, sorry CT. 932's are not a mandatory item on FEMIS.
  15. I have been using FEMIS since 1999 and am now an administrater at my unit. It is a difficult but comprehensive piece of software and although in need of modernising, does the job. We have now (finally!) started to use FEMIS via Dii/F instead of the old unicom terminals. I look forwards to JAMES 2, if it ever roles out - a system that should allow MT reps and REME within units to update relevant data on the same system.