FEMIS Dead or Not

Discussion in 'REME' started by bohica, Mar 12, 2009.

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  1. Just after views from various units as to the extent of FEMIS use. We are a JAMES unit as I assume most are now. We have the drivers report faults on the JAMES job card in paper format. We sign of the work and they update JAMES.
    FEMIS we use for:
    1. 890's and transmit the demand.
    2. 1043's L1 & L2 parts.
    3. Damage Reports.

    Are others using it and double tapping JAMES & FEMIS or not.
    Also REME do you update JAMES or leave it to your users of the eqpt.

    Just Curious. We have just been instructed to turn FEMIS back on after not using it for a year.
  2. Yes, everyone should be "double tapping"

    This will continue until James Land (2) has enough captured data (3 years of inspection reports etc)
  3. Why though. Has any one challenged this. The inspection reports especially have always been useless. Only the REME would have a computer system that can create inspection reports which we cant "legally use" so have to hand write one anyway. JAMES produces a legal 932 and 857.

    It accounts for all tasks, and tracks who does the work and leaves an easilly viewable electronic signature. it also forces log outs unlike FEMIS which was 1st one in logs on and thats it for the day.

    The to improve the FEMIS system we go onto a central server so instead of 5 minutes to log in it now takes 15 minutes whilst the BAR OF DEATH at the bottom goes on.

    So i ask again WHY?. like i said we switched of over a year ago, for the most part, inspections and individual tasks. we still demand, 1043 and a few other bits. This important system which people up the chain use, have not once commented on "Hey those guys have not done anything with FEMIS, lets let them know its important" in other words it aint is it.
  4. Not at the moment it isn't.......
  5. Where is it written that its not legal as the form is almost identical except in colour & has JAMES 932b written on it as well.
  6. I didn't explain myself very well there and for that I apologise. The JAMES 932b is legal but shouldn't be used at the moment due to some problem with the dates and forecasting. They haven't done a very good job of publicising this though........

  7. If you think that all the work everyone does on FEMIS is looked at on a by unit basis you do not understand how the system works at the minute.
    We could check all units and their usage very easily, in fact we do have a query that does exactly that, and we do know the units that do not use FEMIS, the thing is there are bigger fish to fry than to keep sending emails and letters up the COC to state this. Suffice to say some divs are a lot better than others at encouraging the use of FEMIS.
    If you want some information on what data is used and in what way, send me a PM and I can let you know, however I think there will be an item in the next issue (or the one after that) of KIT magazine that may go some way to answer most of your questions.
  8. Yes i would love to know more about FEMIS behind the scenes. I would like to add, I like FEMIS, I have used it for many years, I remember people foughts its birth and now people fight its death.
    The main problem is the training (as well as speed or lack of these days).
    I have spoke to our most recent class 3's and 1's alike. The class 3's rekon they had a quick intro to EMER's (Their words, thought they were dead as well). When i dug deeper about FEMIS, they recall being given a sheet of paper, telling them what the shortcuts were but not what they meant. The class 1's were given a work book on the Thurs to work through. They were also told when it was done, that was them for the weekend. Hence they all admit, they just smashed the work book, which was Simon says they copy.
    The thing is all the top brass say "Use it" Well i say "Train People" dont give them the choice learn this or knock of for the weekend. At my unit there are so few FEMIS users.50-60 strong, Femis users less than 10, ones that can do more than just demand spares, less than 5. Create sections, add vehicles onto the system, change NSN's etc 2 maybe 3.
  9. The "use it / train people" problem isn't going to go away with the eventual death of FEMIS; it'll just be transferred to JAMES. As anyone who's tried to learn to use JAMES from the intraweb lessons will agree!

    Don't get me wrong, I think JAMES LAND 2 will be a good system, but you need to invest in a decent training package (ie: one involving interaction between a knowledgeable teacher and students in a classroom environment, and then playing in the sandpit) in order to get best value out of it.

    Without the trg investment, problems will continue; we have an opportunity to actually get a good IT fleet mangt system embedded and working well on the ES side, but unless we teach the users how to use it, we'll be back at the same point we're at now, with the very occasional FEMIS technogeek actually knowing how to use the whole system, being supplanted by an equally rare JAMES technogeek.

    But what do I know.
  10. I have been using FEMIS since 1998 and see no big problem with it, as was said before people should really spend time training personnel up. Its just a case of planning. Instead of the sports afternoon or an even rarer early knock off on a Friday, keep people back and train them up. Its the same for JAMES, they even go so far as to provide us with a "sandpit". A couple of us sacked our Easter leave in 2007 and decided to teach ourselves. We have more people trained on both within our LAD than in the Regiment.
    Its not a blowing smoke up the arrse statement, its just staying that extra few hours here and there and getting the guys on there and keeping the experience up. If not contact the FEMIS helpdesk and get a guide if its needed. Failing that if your in Germany, give me a PM and I'll set something up on both JAMES and FEMIS.
    Yes, I have no life.
  11. Falklands16, you are a technogeek and I claim my £5.
  12. The guide and updated AESP is on tdocs online.