Feminism - Watch and Shoot.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by PE4rocks, Jun 7, 2013.

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  1. Students used to be about Ban the Bomb and stuff, now it's me, me, me.

    Seems like standards are being kept up, Looker + Minger etc(1)

    Targets Up :)


    (1) I will obviously be first against the wall(which we paid for)
  2. [​IMG]


    I still would.
  3. As ex-baor I certainly would, even if her armpits are hairier than mine :) Those german girls were lovely
  4. Oh FFS ...
  5. Are you certain it's female? Looks a bit dodgy to me. Better check first before you go ploughing in. Or not, if you aren't too picky.
  6. Would, no doubts about it. Feminism my A
  7. That's not feminism, that's just being a manky cunt with no self respect.
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  8. I'm all in favour of the latest 'wave' of feminism, which seems to revolve around lots of young women getting their chebs out in public, or dressing like slappers to show that they're not, er, slappers.
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  9. My misses is a feminist and i'm 100% fine with it. As long as my tea is ready before i go to the pub, she can do what the fuck she wants.
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  10. Reeeeeeeesult.
  11. Does she have to be told twice?

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  12. Why does she 'need feminism' to grow her armpit hair? I wasn't aware anyone was stopping her.

    Heavens! What next? Will she be fire-bombing the Wilkinson Sword factory for their continued dealing in weapons of oppression?
  13. It's not as if they can even do a decent armpit fart. :roll:
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  14. Fucking splitters need to pipe the fuck down and be happy that they get the vote.

    Bleeding cunts. Get back in the kitchen you weak, teary eyed, yoghurt knitting tossers.
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  15. I believe in feminism

    for ugly women

    it's all they've got

    well apart from Deidre.

    This is Diedre
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