Feminism gone (even) mad(der)


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I agree with the protesters - wearing clothing of any sort is holding back women's handball and must be resisted - it's the sort of attitude that belongs in the Dark Ages. What is the point of women's sports if the girls aren't at least semi-naked? (Except the Shot Put and Weightlifting of course - there's no need for perversity.)



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I never noticed they wore bikinis, I only watch, on my own in the dark in the shed for their ball control skills.

Handball is a very nuanced sport - I think you're right to block out any potential distractions


Wot you on about, feminism? That's not feminism, you eejit. This is cropped straight out of the article. They want to play naked, by the looks...

* I may have been selective about the bits I cropped.

Spanish women athletes criticise European Handball Federation regulations forcing them to wear bikinis

Players can face penalties for covering up Photo: Getty Images

By Our Foreign Staff

1:23PM BST 11 Jul 2014

Spanish women are angry about European handball rules that force female players to wear bikinis.
Under regulations set by the European Handball Federation, female beach handball players have to wear bikini tops and bottoms.
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Let 'em wear what they want, and accept the drop in sponsorship money.


I think they have a point. The beach is not always a warm place, and there can be some vicious draughts whistling through the gym doors. So ladies, cover up you dirty little scutters. Think of your personal health and well being.

But the sponsors would probably disagree.

Fully sponsored, entertaining and somewhat pleasing to the eye.
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No sponsorship what-so-ever. Dull as ditch water and pleasing only to Syria’s Grand Mufti, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun. (The pervy minx.)
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