Feminised" lessons, system failing the boys

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mora, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. According to the Daily Mail website:

    "A generation of boys is leaving school unable to cope in the modern world because lessons have become 'feminised', according to a renowned academic. They are falling behind in exams and the job market because teachers fail to nurture traditional male traits such as competitiveness and leadership. Dr Tony Sewell said schools instead celebrate qualities more closely associated with girls such as methodical working and attentiveness in class. He warned that boys are becoming disaffected and flunk exams and job interviews because their competitive instincts have been discouraged."

  2. So what's the problem. We've had a thousand years of doing it the boys' way, let's give the girls a chance for a change
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  6. Article is pretty much correct having sat my my GCSE's last year, the emphasis is changing from applying techniques to learning facts (everyone knows girls can't do technical things, JOKE). Plus how much education do they need, only cooking and ironing he he

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  9. Classes teach the exam now, nothing else. Just learning up what facts you need to copy out on an exam paper.
  10. If you take a crappy subject like tourism, stuff like electronics and foreign langauges are still the real deal
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  15. I'd disagree. Seeing as I'm doing a lot of work on KS3, KS4 and K5 specifications at the moment (13-18yr olds), the changes since I was a wee lad seem to be going further towards almost job skills. For example there are "decision making exams" in geography now, where they have a resource booklet and are given questions that they have partly prepared for, this allows much greater application of knowledge and brings in opinions etc. There are more definitions than ever, in just about every subject.

    I'd claim that the reasons boys may be failing is the system being too soft on poor behaviour, from boys and girls, and not varying learning techniques enough. Any school which has a lesson as "sit down and do exercise 3 from p129 etc etc..." has problems. Competitiveness is encouraged in class by questioning as well as other techniques, not exactly tough stuff.

    It's the views, attitudes, expectations and aspirations of the pupils that cause problems, not gender. A disaffected female will perform just as badly as a disaffected male. They need incentives to perform and consequences for if they fail in life (rather than just the dole, something like neutering and sending to the Falklands for hard labour)