Femfresh Adverts Banned

So an advert for a bikini line shaving product has been banned because it tended to concentrate on the bikini line area rather than, er, the woman's face??? The quote from the BBC article is: "the ASA noted that the dance sequence was "highly sexualised", there were "few shots" of the women's faces and the high-cut swimsuits "were more exposing" than most." Hello??? What are we advertising here?

Its like banning a Gillette G2 advert for showing a bloke's face rather than his cock!

'Over-sexualised' Femfresh shaving advert banned - BBC News
I had to watch twice to make sure how offended I was
Genius, a gazillions time more coverage for the vag cream.

I thought fem fresh was a PV yogurt application for the slightly more eukaryotic lady

And not a camel toe in sight


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And the vid following the ad is a pilot who did not use FemFresh

So, 3 months after the advertising campaign ended Femfresh get some free extra publicity from a 'ban'
Something stinks.

You figure out the rest yourselves.


I was watching the tennis the other day and the beeb were showing off their new super high definition cameras.
Instead of super slowmo pics of the girls bulging labia (slightly damp) they were concentrating on some silly flying ant or sommat. It`s just not cricket.
To be honest I was hoping this ad would be approved, as that would then pave the way for the next essential beauty product to be advertised on our screens...

This stuff is NOT to be confused with industrial strength kitchen Domestos or any other bleach. Last time I tried using that stuff it made my wife's hoop sore and she couldn't sit down for weeks. Didn't make her starfish any paler either. If anything it looked much angrier... worse than BEFORE she had the prolapse...

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