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Well, as being on this site for the past month or so, It has come to my recognition that a lot of you out there have nothing better to do than to put us ladies down!
I would just like to add that you blokes/men out there would be absolutely useless without us, and at the same time not to mention LOST!  So, now I have added a new post for all of you to add your good points and also all your bad points ;D
I think that the problem is that half of you men out there don't know how to impress the ladies which leads to not getting anywhere with them, or most of you are just plain 'UGLY' that us women see as just not worth looking at which means that a lot of you are very pee'd off with us - This, I think is the main reason to us getting an earfull on this site.............................

So throw it at me!!

;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D ;) ;D


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Putting females down is a time honoured military tradition.  ;D


Nurse, It is often easier than getting them to go down ;D ;D ;D ;) ;)


You are absolutely right, without you, we would have nowhere to empty our sacks   ;D


You are absolutely right, without you, we would have nowhere to empty our sacks   ;D
Full stop at the end of a sentence always goes down well Einstein, sorry I mean Skygod.
Well done Leeanne  ;D what you say is true and to the point, but to blokes we'll always be split arses(god i hate that word!),although there are many more women in todays army,the majority of blokes will always see it as a mans army and that women should be doing hairdressing,cleaning or having babies.I think half of them feel threatened that women can actually do a better job than them and that intimidates them  :)
And for pity's sake.. DON'T DRIVE!!

Jeez.. wimmin! Can't live with 'em - Can't live without 'em.. Never has a truer set of words been said!  ;D


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Leeanne - some double standards are emerging.

I have often read your posts whereby you slate an Arm/Service, or group all together by Cap Badge (ie, your derogatory Gnr, AGC posts), but now you want to say that we (men) are predjudice to all women?

Boy, you have some issues in your tissues girl!!!
??? ??? ???



So what can you do better than a man

carry, Tab, Shoot, fight, drink.

Not Sexist but we all know it is physically impossible for a woman to compete with a man in all but PAIN

OK I admit having a baby is something i wouldn't fancy
and possibly typing

but come on    What else


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           Is'nt this what the site is all about?  If we did'nt slag off or make comments about other Corps/Company's etc, there would be no point in having this site would there? So whats your point?

Think about it.............

And mancRed,
                    F_C does have a good point you know!  Some of us women can do our jobs better than the men can, not necceserily running/tabbing etc........In which case SOME women are fitter than the men when it comes to that (NOTE: I said some!!).  I know my job a lot more than some of my male collueges at work, and when it comes to doing it - I end up with the best report!! Makes you feel pretty good about yourself when you have the blokes coming and asking something about a DROPS or a Bedford..... ;D ;D
So you men might put us down for our fitness at the best of times - But KNOW YOUR LIMITS BOYS, try and do your own job's properly before you try putting us women down that can do our jobs!!  RESPECT!!!!


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Í did think about it!  I cannot see how you can slag off a group of people bacause they are all Gnrs, AGC, Female, Male, Officers etc - each person is based individually.  I have met some outstanding female soldiers and some really bad male ones, but assessing them as individuals, to me is just common sense.

Se whether I am in the NAAFI, Mess, wherever, my opinion will always be the same - don't group.

However, if all you are trying to do is be provocative and get heaps of replies as some sort of strange pleasure, well I do appologise.


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Naaa, I simply believe on putting a little humour on the site, as I feel that is what keeps it going! Nothing is meant personally........I mean come on, your telling me that you never put any other Corps other than your own down?  Do'nt deny it cause we all do...thats what makes it sooooooo much fun!!  We all have our own beliefs though do'nt we? Liven-up a bit mate!! ;D ;)
MancRed there doesnt need to be anything that we do better than you,what counts is that we all work together to get the job done ;D.I know plenty of women that would probably drink you under the table,as for fighting,do you think its clever to fight??,what is the point in pulping someone to bits,just to make you feel better?...ok i understand if someone started on you,then fair one ::)
Shooting wise women and men are equal on that,it doesnt require any macho skill does it?.I agree with you on some of your points,like tabbing and carrying things,but thats all been proven by medicine that women have different body structures than men making it harder for us to carry weight,so therefore thats not our fault.

I agree with leeanne that some women in our regiment as well are better at the physical side than some of the men,but then they look and act like blokes anyway!!!!! ;D

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