females in TA infantry units

Their own Corps' ones.

For example, female SPS clerk attached to 1 LOAMSHIRES would wear her own SPS No1 dress cap.

Just like the blokes would.

Berets are a separate issue, but you didn't ask that question. :D
Thanks. It is just often I have seen females who are capbadged to the units, not simply wearing corps bagdes on host unit headdress. I ask because I am trying to work out what hat to get for a female CCF cadets who are in an infantry cap-badged ccf (for Number 2 dress wear). Obviously this is just one of those annoying anomalies to which there is probably no answer. It would be easy if it were a Royal Regiment......
The uniform situation for female band members in my TA Infantry Regt. demonstrates well that the rule to follow about this is that of uniformity. Things may not be totally correct "technically", but if all are dressed the same then a good effect is achieved.

After "Options for Change" when various bands and regiments were amalgamated, our regimental band ended up wearing the dress uniforms of the regiments that they had originally come from. This meant three types of headgear, two colours of jacket, four types of backing cards etc. Although individuals were smart, the overall impression was of a very mixed group.

This has been resolved over the last few years by changing the uniforms so that today they all wear the same Dress Blues, but with the old regimental distinctives. Female members now all wear trousers instead of skirts, but there is still some mix of jackets as the Dress Blue WRAC "Drivers Jacket" is now unobtainable, but mens Blues jackets don't often fit without severe tailoring.

For headdress the No1. dress cap is worn with the red band, no matter which regimental badge is on it. Female band members wear the female version of this hat.

Band uniforms will be modified again next year as "Rebalancing" causes further changes to the regiment.

You may want to try "Johnsons of Leeds" to obtain dress uniform items, as they always seem to have a good range of them.

Incidentally, if your cadets are RRF, then wearing a beret is correct, but I guess it's not going to be that simple? :D

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A Frayed Knot? You really ARE Staffords :D

PM sent.

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