Females In REME?

Discussion in 'REME' started by SantaSpud, Apr 10, 2009.

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  1. Was thinking about becoming an armourer, but would just like to know if there are women doing these jobs, and how they are viewed?
  2. I know a few of female Armrs. One is a useless lesbian, but the other 2 are more than capable and are great tradeswomen.
  3. Oh, just to add.....are you strong? Otherwise you will need to kick-start the .50 cal to cock it :D
  4. Haha no im quite small actually but i got plenty of time to get fitter :D
    Thanx for the reply just cleared things up.
  5. No worries.
  6. I have had three work for me in the past few years and all of them were up to the job and fitted in well, both in the armourers workshop and within the unit.

    Go for it, we need all the armourers we can get at the minute!
  7. a tiffy now, if its the same one
  8. PM sent.......I sincerely hope not!
  9. Would this be the same tiffy whinging on this forum about having to do her job?
  10. If it's the same lesbian Armr that I'm thinking about then she married Geordie just to get out of the block. That marriage lasted long....not.

    She also got caught with JP (the REME gril that attempted to pass the AACC on TV) burning out a car for an insurance job. Stupid biatches got caught because they used too much petrol and burned themselves! Muppets.
  11. She wouldnt happen to be knocking about Tidworth by any chance? :p
  12. Not the lesbian armourer I was thinking of then, she was bloody good at her job and definately not a whinger :D
  13. The more women in the army the better, my office needs hoovering! :)
  14. It's the same as in every trade - you get some good ones and you get some crap ones.

    We need all the armourers we can get though so if you enjoy living in a cellar and playing Warhammer then give it a go :wink:
  15. I thought Armourers were fairly sensible and your description better suited Avionics technicians. :D :D :D