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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by maddy, Aug 19, 2008.

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  1. Hello, I'm 18 and looking to join up soon. I've wanted to join for a long time, but recently my friends brother, who is in the forces, has been telling me stuff about things that happened to women in training and i'm a bit worried.
    I don't know if hes winding me up.
    I know it will be difficult in training but i'm still worried about the things hes telling me about the way women are treated alongside the men.
    Aren't women seperate to men in training?
    This is a genuine post. I've been reading stuff on here for a couple of weeks and have noticed if someone new and young asks a question its sometimes treated as a wind up, but i am genuinley worried about how i'll be treated.
    Really do want to join.
    Thanks, Maddy.
  2. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Your brother is indeed winding you up.

    You won't be treated any differently than your male trainee counterparts, apart from the obvious seperate accomodation blocks, toilets etc.

    If you were to expect any difficulties, there would not be so many women in the armed forces today - and there's LOADS!!!!!
  3. Maddy, there is nothing to worry about, all of your training staff in the main are highly experienced and more than likely be female NCO's there.

    Training isn't easy but you can begin to enjoy it, its just about applying the correct frame of mind and meeting all challenges head on. If you have any doubts - you need to be honest with your training staff and voice your concerns.

    Have an open mind, the army isnt for everyone but there are good times and bad, but the truth of the matter you and your fellow trainees will be in the same position as you.

    If you give 100% the army can ask nothing more of you - have pride in everything you do and make sure the efforts there.

    It will be an initial change and shock, its a natural experience, as you are going into the biggest family in the uk and out of the civilian world - but nothing different that none of any soldiers have been through.

    Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

    Regards Bitter
  4. Everything you have been told is true. Exciting isn't it?

    (If I can just say Maddy, I've been an admirer of your escape and evasion techniques, for some time now!)
  5. Thanks. Just asked about hair for women in forces and got a reply that i could wear my hair in a ponytail only when being raped in the bar.
    Joking is one thing, but i have heard some quite disturbing stuff about stuff like this. I guess women in all jobs try and sleep their way to the top, but i certainly don't want to.
    Don't want to find myself in a situation where i could be blackmailed into something like that, but i guess that can't really be discussed on a forum.
    Suppose i'm just worried about being in a very male environment and not feeling safe.
  6. Wait until you meet the preditory lesbians.
  7. Maddy,

    I was thinking much along the same lines. It's not the blokes you will have to worry about, from my experience, they guys are generally very good with the girls. But the Dykes are a different kettle of fish.

    I know I've been out for quite a while, but I work in a military establishment so I know that things haven't really changed that much.
  8. No problem. You will get forum posters on here who joke. I do. It's the soldiers sense of humour, a bit twisted but you must have the ability to laugh at the darker side of life.

    It makes you a tougher person, and develops your character as a soldier. Just knuckle down and youll be fine.

    Women who sleep thier way to the top - is a bit of urban myth, I am not saying its doesnt happen, but people get found out eventually and doesnt favour them in the future.

    Be professional, show moral courage and just do the right thing, which sometimes isnt the easiest thing, the army will develop you to be leader and one day you may be saying the same thing as I am, and in years down the line to fellow arrsers and soldiers alike. Have a good look around the around the forum, there is much experience here, read it wisely.

    Good luck and most of all enjoy it.
  9. There is a lot of good words upon this site by actual soldiers.

    I'm following their word as gospel at the moment. Listen to them, I am and I know that its going to help me.

    I don't think there'd be much sexual discrimination in the army, Imo.
  10. :D

    The men will be the last of your worries!
  11. maddy, what stories HAVE you been told?
  13. I doubt there are actually many lezzers, men just like to think that so they feel less spurned when they get turned down.. What regiment do you want to join? I'm looking round RA in October, because apparently it's the most interesting apart from the infantry.
  14. Clearly you have never visited Bordon! It's lesbo central.
  15. Well my friends brother just comes out with all kinds of random things about some woman he knew who wasn't very good in training so got a hard time.
    He says she split her knee open once by being careless so they stitched it without a local as a kind of punishment when the men got a local if they cut themselves.
    He also said this woman was hated by the staff as she was slow and kept crying and whenever she was last they would get this cow dung from a farm nearby and dump a bucket of it over her head and rub it in her face. I guess if its the same for everyone then ok, but he said women were singled out.
    Maybe she was just rubbish and they wanted her to quit.
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