female walting by proxy

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by ashbash, Dec 27, 2007.

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  1. Not long after the Falklands war a female nurse I was working with in a mental hospital had a breakdown and claimed that her boyfriend,later upgraded to fiance, had been shot down over Argentina on a secret mission, and she was to get his decoration but no one would ever 'know the truth about her love for this man' as she had been sworn to secrecy.

    Apart from the obvious issues around her telling us something as dramatic but unprovable, and breaking her 'vow of secrecy', I've always thought it was a really clever story, because no matter how much we didn't believe her( well, most of the male staff didn't, quite a few of the female staff did for a while) there was always that lingering ..'but what if..?'
    Oh, and no one had ever heard of this boyfriend beforehand, and she was a bit of an entertainer at nurses parties.

    She later left the profession after accusing two men of sexual assault and was comprehensibly proven to be a liar..on that and many other matters..but really clever 'walts' or personality disorders can be so convincing, just wondered if there are any other examples of this walting by proxy effect you know about

    edit;sorry should be in walts thread
  2. There's a walt on here who is a moderator. His name is MDN and he claims to have been a door gunner in the AAC. Everyone here knows it's a load of shite as he is a flid, but as we feel sorry for him (Dale says he has a small penis) we put up with him.
  3. I don't have anything to do with the medical profession, (That's the disclaimer out of the way), but I think that you could link that sort of behaviour to Munchausens Syndrome by proxy.


    I know it's not the same, but has to be similar. Both cases, both your 'friend's' and in the BBC linky, the individuals set up, or conjure up a set of circumstances in order to solicit sympathy.

    Although reporting male colleagues (If that is indeed what they were), for sexual assault is terrible.

    I hope she was sent to prison for wasting police time or at least sacked.

    I have had a number of people tell me for example, a particular relative had died, (When they are usually in tears), and later remembering that they had told me that, that particular relative had died on a previous occasion.
  4. From what I've seen here and in my line of work over the years, there's almost a need to be found out as well, or at least a buzz in how far it can go before total humilliation occurs, like some other behaviours such as shoplifting, adultery or flashing.....er..so I've been told..
  5. A favourite of this type of mad splitter is the: "I've just had/am in the middle of having a miscarriage."

    How can you be in the middle of a miscarriage?

    Preferably told to someone they've just met followed by a torrent of sheer madness and tears.

  6. I have also, (In my former profession, I hasten to add), had dealings with, (Nearly said come across), bad choice of words, quite a few members of the 'fairer' sex, who have claimed sexual assault, only to later admit that they had in fact consented.

    My, there are some crackpots out there.

    More often than not, I got the impression that they craved comfort, or companionship.

    There were others however, were a hamper short of a picknic, never mind a sausage.
  7. Come across at least one occurence of a similar happening. My now ex girlfriend claimed to have a serious illness she'd just been diagnosed with, she told me the name of it and the next day after some research I was almost laughing, she'd used the name of a form of chronic indigestion which is not life threatening in any way and tried to pass it off as something dangerous. She found herself single rather sharpish.
  8. lad in my troop in antrim whose wife used to have a miscarriage every month or two while "6weeks gone" ............................apparantley
  9. If he was married to a moggie, that would sound about right.

  10. You've got to be having a laugh, FJ? Aren't you?
  11. My wife is on maternity leave from a concessions counter in House of Frasier, just before she left a woman came up to her counter and out of the blue told her life story of how she just lost (a couple of months previous) her husband in Iraq and how that she never takes off the pearls that he bought her.

    I'm no expert but this woman was early 50's and was said to be acting shadily. I've been pretty up to speed on deaths in Iraq over the last several months and nobody around 50 has been KIA'd. Unless THEM are recruiting OAP's that fly on Puma's.

    Plus the same woman has been back to the said shop several times since then and told the same story to the other staff, without even saying hello.

    I think she needs locking up.
  12. This is actually a recognised disorder and I believe it is a form of Munchausen's. Rather common also.

    Its widely noticed when people try to claim an association with something terrible in the media etc. An example would be the Tsunami or 9/11 / London bombings. Some people would be almost competing with each other to claim the best association in ways such as.."my brother was there only the day before"..you get my drift?

    When THEY stood on that balcony no doubt several hundred people were voicing faux concern about "their mate" who they claimed may or may not be on that balcony etc etc.

    Its attention seeking at NVQ level 4 basically.
  13. I'd get security to zoom in on her and report her activity to the police. She may be very vulnerable, or they may have had reports of her walting before.

    Sounds like another looney, (I mean lonely), person who is in need of tea and sympathy, but you never know.
  14. Nope, he's not joking. MDN has everyone fooled about his service with the AAC. In reality, he's a welder called Geoge from Macclesfield who gets off on putting salted peanuts down his uretha and impersonating a soldier.
  15. Not sure whether to hold fire or have an epi. Is my shock of this news a bit late?