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Female wah?

Been out a while now but a bit amazed reading this on a Spanish expat site. Vikingette, big time contributor who is married to a squaddie says shes in Kabul, working with an NGO, but claims to be working with highly sensitive stuff. So sensitive she is required to be armed.


Is it me or is she just winding folk up?

If its me I shall apologise.

I know she was on here before (Solmed)- someone else blew her cover on the Spanish site.

She's writing under a pseudonym on t'interweb so who knows whether she's really in Kabul? I'm a bit suspicious though. Never ever did I arm myself as a civilian in (post) conflict areas and neither did any other civilian I know of. It's just plain f*cking stupid. NGO's often hire security to protect their personnel's living quarters.

Working with "highly sensitive stuff" doesn't justify arming yourself. In fact she should keep a low profile about it and herself if she's really in this situation. Least said, soonest mended.

Judging by her emotional appeals, constant reference to her "pistol" and general vagueness of the situation in Afghanistan (the latter being persec and opsec of course.......) I'd suspect she lives in a council flat somewhere in Britain. But then, who knows? This is the internet and it could all be true. If so, I hope her organisation sacks her immediatly for arming herself.

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