Female TV Presenters U Would!


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For some strange reason, I've got a bit of a thing for the business presenter, Steph McGovern, I think it's the accent, the slight lisp and the fact that she's fkin tall ;-)



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Gabby Logan - obviously.

Betsan Powys (you need to live in Wales), and it would be a commiseration shag (though I'm not sure who for).
Moira still gets me going...its the laugh.
Yeah but would you even want to kiss her after you know she's been tonsils deep in Pat St Clement's axe wound?
You really don't know me do you?
Going to be a long thread

Suzanne Virdee
Sian Williams
Kate Garroway
and I'll have twos up on Steph McGovern

Reid you can keep
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Julia Bradbury every time , and in every position .
Right then. Where to begin....Susannah Reid,Louise Minchin,Sian Williams,Steph (bint who does the business stuff on Breakfast BBC) with Northern accent,Isobel Lang,Carol Kirkwood, Penny Smith,Katie Garraway,ITV breakfast weather bint,That one who does Sky with fatcoont in the morning. Her skirt always rises up (along with my ahem blood flow),Welsh filly of the One Show,Laura Trant.
phillipa forester wey hey
Anyone remember her childrens TV days? She did a Tank top day thing, so a few of us wrote in and asked for a slinky black number day...still waiting.

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