Female troops told carry condoms

Raven2008 said:
Not actually told, more advised, if they are going to shag around.
Several thousand male and female troops, thousands of miles from home, sometimes in danger and there have been pregnancies. Why is this news?

Condoms freely available in a large bowl by the front door of the Med Centre with a sign saying "Please help yourself". Worked on some of the Telics.
100 in 6 years, say 2 a month. at least half, say, will be married/in relationships and either deploy not knowing they are up the duff or get knocked up on RnR either intentionally or otherwise. The percentage of babies concieved in theatre is probably very small and lets face it-whose business is it anyway? People get returned from theatre for many different medical reasons, pregnancy is just one of them. more likely the campaign is aime at those nasty little diseases that get passed round in those environments
What's wrong with doing them up the sh1tter like the good old days?!?!
The only thing more stupid than this "story" is the fact that Soldier magazine did a health advert on subject.

The advert like most of articles assumes the reader is aged 12 and has an IQ in single figures - that is why they have to give it away!
You can say, don't do it, it's against regs etc etc but, people will break them though. Simple as that. It's just common sense to make sure that contraception is freely available. At the end of the day, it will prevent all kinds of problems for those who do choose to get a bit of nooky in while on operations, whether they are single or married. It boils down to, "buy me and stop one".
They're probably from the same stock that our BSM dished out to us in Borneo in 1965 We had to ensure that we had 2 each time we ventured out in case of meting women of ill repute in downtown Kuching . 99.9% of them were probably never used....

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