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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by diehard57, Nov 28, 2006.

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  1. Last week over several dozen barcardis and cokes, a couple of mates and myself were reminiscing about our previous birds and we all came to the same conclusion that there are several categories into which most women can be put:

    1. Stunners
    2. Gompers
    3. Slappers
    4. Mingers
    5. Gingers

    However we were all agreed that at some stage of our lives we have all had the misfortune/good fortune of an ugly bird with a fit as fcuk body - but for the life of us we could not come up with anything better than 'Neckers' - in other words v.bad from neck up but compensated by v.good from neck down.

    Any ARRSERS have a better description or better still photographic proof......? :twisted:

    mod edit - topic has been done many times before. the search button is a wonderful tool. use it.
  2. Paper bag job
  3. Is it not "BOBFOC" .... body of baywatch, face off crimewatch?
  4. Is this a Wah?

    BOBFOC Body off Baywatch face off Crimewatch.

    May I refer you to Rogers Profanisaurus available at all good bookshops and updated ten times a year in Viz magazine.
  5. Doh beaten to it by 1 minute.

    Another classic from Rogers-

    "Gingle" ...to be both ginger and single.
  6. Stunners aside, have you ever met a woman you actually fancied? You're in the Modern British Army. It's ok to be gay nowadays.
  7. milsum wrote:
    I think he might fancy the stunners?

    Nice edit milsun
  8. 'Butterface' i.e. nice body but her face....

    Kronenbourg i.e. 1664 - 16 from the back and 64 from the front.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    From a pal in the Royal Canadian Signals:

    Single bagger - so ugly needs a bag over her head before you'd sh@g her.

    Double bagger - extra insurance needed, bag over your head also just in case hers falls off.

    Coyote ugly - so bad that when you wake up in the morning and she is sleeping on you arm, you chew your own arm off rather than wake her.
  10. Bacardi and Coke!!!!!!!!!!!! 8O
    Who are you trying to kid? none of you have had so much as a sniff of a ladies wet bits, cus you're a bunch of hommers!
    Is beer not available at "The Admiral Duncan" ?
  11. Ever thought they might be lesbians?

    Bet you want to know more about their female partners now huh?
  12. I thought that fraus were only split into 2 groups.

    Those that do the big 'A' and those that don't.

    Any attempts to deviant from this simple division is just crazy talk.
  13. (Ahem)... er, my mate informs me that it is... but only in half pint schooner glasses... apparently
  14. Very true Herr Rigsby. God bless Catholicism, the Pope and his continuing aversion to contraception. :D