Female students are a perk!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by vvaannmmaann, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Seems to be a refreshingly sensible attitude.
    Look, enjoy but don't touch. Can't see an foul being commited there by either side
  2. When I was doing my Open Uni degree, I was a member of the NUS (sole reason was for the NUS Card so I could get student discounts everywhere) and all the emails I got from them just reinforced my view of them being left-wing tofu munching hippies.

    One of the main things that got me through an extremely dull module was knowing that there would be some decent eye candy to perve over at the next tutorial.

    NUS in over-reacting shocker yet again.... :roll:
  3. Women at uni. what ever next the vote !!!!!!!!
  4. Female uni students are usually over the age of 18, therefore adult.
    Male lecturers are usually over the age of 18, therefore adult.

    As far as I'm aware, a relationship between two consenting adults is not yet illegal in this country.

    Would there be the same fuss if it was a female lecturer making the comments?
  5. No look at the lesbian and the 15 year old
  6. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    Not illegal, but certainly unethical in this scenario.

    Uni lecturers are in the same situation as school teachers in that they hold a position of trust.

    I don't know of any uni that would put up with a lecturer having a relationship with a student (of whatever gender/sexuality) as there can be an implication that the student's grades didn't reflect his/her worth.
  7. I've just enhanced the subtext.

    He was a pranny, but then he's also a Vice-Chancellor. It's pretty much part of the Person Spec.
  8. Speaking as a teacher to what point is it unethical? Ill-chosen words in front of the audience perhaps.

    I have a number of young attractive female students and in summer months they come along in not a lot of kit with several plunging necklines, :drool:
    which means I often have to run off to the butchers for those two bits of liver to whap together.
    However I certainly enjoy the view, and why not? Yet in 22 years of this I have never laid hands on one of them. (We live in a smallish town the señora would soon find out before you ask). Is enjoying the view unethical which is what I took the man to be meaning.

    My dad was a GP for forty years and saw more female body parts than you or I ever will, yet he always said that a pretty female body was a thing of beauty and should be admired. He too was clean on the misdemeanour front, or at least never got found out.

    A sexual relationship provided it was not a transaction for better grades, which would be unethical, may be morally wrong if he is married but is not wrong per se.

    But I took him to be meaning enjoy the view, I certainly do.

    ...........................................and I whimper a lot.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-xvjlsm8oI
  10. Ugh, NUS 'Women's officer'. One of the major reasons that the vast majority of students have nothing to do with the unions is that those organisations have absolutely no sense of humour about anything. In addition, and contrary to popular belief, most students aren't actually left wing.
  11. Neither are most student politicians. They just like to pretend to be until they graduate and go to work for one of daddy's golfing chums.
  12. The lesb...well, sexuality isn't an issue here...girl I went to school with just updated her Facebook status. "About to talk to BBC Radio Leeds about Dr. Keasley's article".

    What with her constant Left-wing/Feminist status updates, always excessively commented on by her friends, I wonder why she is still on my contact list at all. Then I get to talk about it and I remember.
  13. My girlfriend went to a very well-known London School (Founded by the Webbs), and was offered sight of an exam paper (by a lecturer) in return for sex.My initial reaction (being younger and more inclined to such solutions) was to fill the cnut in.However, sense prevailed, and she reported it to her tutor.Turned out that this "deal" had been offered to several other women: he was "disciplined" by being moved on to a US college.If he had remained, could he have treated those who had turned him down in a fair manner? I doubt it.
  14. ditto... I simply stick it in the w@nk bank, smile and move on....