Female special forces spy has been awarded £12,000 in compen

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by rg_mcoll, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. Anyone know her, picked this up this evening from the BBC web site.


    Spy wins compensation in sex case
    Leah Mates
    Cpl Mates had made 43 allegations of discrimination
    A female special forces spy has been awarded £12,000 in compensation after winning part of a sexual discrimination case against the Army.

    Cpl Leah Mates, of Calne, Wiltshire, had claimed £686,000.

    She made 43 allegations, spanning her 10-year service career beginning in September 1995.

    An Employment Tribunal ruled she had proved 12 allegations and awarded compensation for six. The Ministry of Defence had contested the claims.

    The majority of her complaints relate to Cpl Mates' time in the Signal Regiment of the Army's 3 Division, which she joined in April 1997.

    Allegations relating to her time with Special Forces in Northern Ireland were heard in secret at the end of the case.

    Insulting graffiti

    Her legal representative William Mackenzie said she was "still digesting the news at the moment".

    The successful claims related to face being placed on a shooting target in Northern Ireland as well as for insulting graffiti, including phrases such as "Leah's a dog" scratched on guard posts and desks.

    Another successful compensation claim was for a colleague attempting to prevent Cpl Mates from attending a rounders competition.

    Although a further six claims had been proved, they were before the March 2001 time limit imposed by the Employment Tribunal and no compensation could be paid for them.

    These allegations were that in 1999 - while on deployment in Kosovo as part of the Signal Regiment of 3 Division - a male soldier masturbated and said her name in a tent shared with her and about seven other male soldiers, Mr Williams said.

    Kosovo incidents

    The soldier, Cpl Stewart Milligan, at the tribunal, denied the alleged sex act, claiming it had been an immature joke.

    The other claims included allegations that the soldier also touched her inappropriately as she entered a vehicle in Kosovo and that comments about the size of her breasts were made by her fellow soldiers.

    She also successfully proved that an internal Army letter was read out in the sergeants' mess at Bulford Camp in Wiltshire, while Cpl Mates was in Kosovo, which stated it had been proved that she was not a lesbian.

    The final successful claim was that female toilets used by Cpl Mates had had clingfilm placed over them.
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    An interesting case, IMHO. While I would venture to suggest - solely on the basis of some of the evidence she introduced at the tribunal - that she didn't have the right character to make a real success of the Army, I think it's undeniable that she was the victim of sexist ribaldry which she might well have found very upsetting, and I can quite understand why she wouldn't want to turn up for work with all that going on.
  3. WooHoo...........Not!

    My ex wife got £42,000, cuz i got her up the duff. Not a bad earner for three minutes work.
  4. Well all I can say is that if she was a special forces soldier or Spy as reported) and was upset by hi-jinks and name calling, then she wasn't fit to be special anything. As such she shoud be done for drawing pay under false pretences.

    Re-paying all that SF pay should make a dent in 12k.
  5. Yep.

    But not in the job she was doing when she earned the coveted Sun title of 'female spy'.
  6. Female special forces? spy? Yawn..............................................
    Liked the "covert" range coat and "special" firing position with the HK 53 though.
  7. 12 Grand payout and a couple of quid from the scum for a crap story.

    Feckin trout.
  8. From the scum....

    Well selling your tell tale story to the papers isn't exactly the sign of a professional is it?
  9. I am sure all the serving and ex-serving soldiers can read between the lines on this one .
    She has no real case but they have given her 12 grand to be rid of the case . How many
    of us have had our names srawled on the shithouse door by some peed off Tom you have
    given a bollacking to , as for the sanger / ''guardpost '' well what else does a bored squaddie
    do when he is on stag , when not scanning his arcs .
    This women must be yet another weak minded person out for a fast buck , better off
    with out her .Trust the SCUM to latch on to this .
  10. Spot on paveway. She origionaly claimed 600 grand compo, and ended up with 12
    Reckon she just couldnt take a joke
  11. The 12K is nothing ...lets face it.............Big Brother/15 mins of fame syndrome. She's probably already doubled it with the
    photo shoots and periphery interviews. Hey lets not forget the advance sales on her book about all the "high-profile, sensitive, undercover" operations she was deployed on.........Hmmm I wonder what the title will be ? :? THE ONE THAT FELL OUT perhaps?
  12. If you dissect all the complaints over the period, it makes you wonder why she stayed so long other than to build a dossier so she could retire for life for 'losing a career she had set her mind on'.

    Seems more like she wanted out, but didn't want to go empty handed. Still 12K is a big come down from 600 so it looks more like a sop to me.

    What was that about taking a joke?

    She obviously was not cut out for the job, but appears to have been a scaley not Int - probably put into something beyond her capabilities.
  13. Her claim is a result of recruiting individuals unsuitable for life in the forces, the results of getting more individuals through the door based on their profile not their ability.

    A massive dissapointment for her I'm sure, only £12K? arf arf, I wonder if she has any fees to pay?