Female soldiers of Bangladesh army

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Maruf, Nov 26, 2008.

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  1. The followings are some pics of female soldiers of Bangladesh army. Bangladesh is one of the few muslim countries that has allowed women to join the armed forces.



  2. Why does Bangladesh have an Army?
  3. Are you sure they are women ?
  4. Interesting pictures. Is there still a strong British influence in the Bangladeshi Army? ( I mean in so far as organisation/rank structure/dress).
  5. Disaster relief and flood rescue..... it obviously has nothing to do with camouflage.
  6. The lass with the baby in the incubator. Has she got a 9milly on her belt? Is it a zombie child?
  7. Whats that rifle those birds are using, Chinese Type 68?
  8. Cleaner, shinier combats than Baron Shite!
  9. Yes, there is. Bangladesh army is organized the same way as that of the British army. The armed forces of Bangladesh has military to military cooperation with the British military and that has produced quite a few good training institutions in the country. The Defence and Staff college and National Defence College are two such examples.
  10. Bangladesh used to be part of the British Empire until 1947 (part of India back then), so it's no surprise.
  11. No, those are Chinese Type-56. Bangladesh has acquired the license to produce Type-81, which will be used to replace all Type-56 rifles within 10 years. The Ordnance factory will manufacture 100000 units in 10 years.
  12. Wow, those uniforms are cleaner and shinier than err.... a clean shiny thing!