Female Soldiers Getting Fitter!

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by pensionpointer, Apr 12, 2013.

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  1. Now I am not talking about 300 Club membership here and perhaps I have been away from Mrs PP for too long and require recalibration but, there appear to be lot more attractive female soldiers (and air women andf emale sailors) about at the moment in the 'Stan. Whether they be RMP, dog handlers, movers, medics, clerks, Sappers or Gunners, I find my head being covertly turned on frequent occasions, especially during the RIP period. Perhaps it's just the fresh meat but there are some right crackers about. Even the blatant rug munchers have slimmed down! Not being gay, I cannot really balance the observation from a female perspective so perhaps the blokes are getting better looking too.

    Anyway well done the recruiters and god bless all who sally forth!


  2. Ravers

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  3. I'm guessing that they're only tour fit, not UK fit.

    It was the same on H16, until I got back to the UK.
  4. It's a tour thing. The women get prettier the longer you are on tour.

    They turn ugly again on the plane home.
  5. Apparently we are supposed to get taller, smarter and better looking with every generation. The theory is that the ugly/thick/ginger ones are less likely to breed and pass their shitty genes on to the next generation. Maybe the forces are ahead of their time.
  6. This is why sailors invented mermaids. And dugongs were worried.
  7. Naaaaaa its just you getting older/more frustrated/desperate*

    *Delete where applicable
  8. Ravers

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    On many an RN warship returning home after a long deployment, the following pipe can be heard:

    "Do you hear there, the ship is now in UK territorial waters, therefore all wrens are ugly again. Return and stow all deployment wives to 3D wren's mess."

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  9. Oh. I was thinking that they could now pass thier BFT in under 35mins.
  10. Ravers

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  11. The Int Corps when it was the 'Int Corps' was the home of some seriously fit women!
  12. What is it now?
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  13. The car chasers joining the military where they have more chance of getting culled is all part of Darwin's plan to make them his little sunbeams.
  14. EErrr, part of the RLC???
  15. I'm finding it difficult to follow the hypothetical claptrap that you fuckers are spouting without pictorial examples to back up your theoretical arguments.

    If you want to prove that serving birds are fitter nowadays then let's have some evidence, for ducks sake.

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