Female snipers in the British Army.

I am sat in a pub talking to an ex medic private (female). She says she got out because they took her to a field, gave her a test to cam
Up and shoot someone then said she would be a sniper or nothing. I'd like to call walt but I am too busy pissing myself!!!
Female Walting very rare. Can you get some pics of this mad bint?

Make sure the next round is in a plastic glass and that there is no cutlery around. She could be a bunny boiling nutcase who could turn nasty in the blink of an eye.

Would you do her though? Danger shags can be so much fun.
Does she know WMHC by chance?...
Female Walting very rare.
I don't know like, I know quite a few birds who are compulsive bullshitters.

I remember that Hillary Clinton woman walting it up on the TV once, that when she got off a chopper on a visit to the Balkans she was under sniper fire and had to run all the way to cover or some bollocks.

Then it showed the actual footage of her howling face, smiling and waving to the crowds as she stepped of a helicopter in the most benign looking place you've ever seen.

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