Female RSM in Gunner

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Larkillian, Aug 12, 2010.

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  1. Quite a good read on the new RSM 14 Regt RA in the august gunner. Such a shame that no one checked out her dress before the photograph as she has her belt on the wrong way. Standards!!
  2. Says in the Gunner she was every inch an RSM!!
  3. I think she looks every inch the way a professional RSM should look......................i.e male.
  4. I wasn’t aware the dropshorts had females, I have seen the odd Bulldyke and thing of questionable gender in the RA but I can’t ever recall seeing a splitarrse
  5. Five Alpha - Agreed! I
  6. How very dare you CAARPS! You should see the first ever female BSM - now you would (still)!
  7. Seen a female captain in Pirbright .. I would .. lovely little thing she was .. few TA females in the RA as well ..
  8. This I have to see got a linky
  9. Sorry BudF, Not too sure if the magazine is online, I only had a hard copy of it. Is there anybody else that could assist?
  10. The Gunner is online - but currently only up to Feb 2010. Slack.
  11. That’s because the Web Master is too busy bulling boots, polishing brass and painting kerbstones ^_~

  12. Thanks for trying anyway will wait and see if anyone comes up anything.
  13. Well at least he's gainfully employed in old fashioned military skills.
  14. You've been hanging around with us way too long, I see! :biggrin:

  15. Now now Five Alpha, are you teaching MATT6 this afternoon then!!