Female RSM at ITC

Some females make very good RSMs, but weve also seen some that really really dont!!
schoolstaffinstructor said:
Well please feel free to discuss about RSM Dorris?

All veiws welcome!!
What's your view? Are you waiting for people to wade in with bitchy comments and then jump on the bandwagon? Apologies if that's not the case, but as there's a 'grown-up' thread on Current Affairs about the same topic, I don't think that you've started this thread for glowing praise.

My view is that she's achieved something that very few people achieve, so well done her! I love it when people (male and female) get to the top of their tree through hard graft and ambition as they're an inspiration to all.


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Filbert Fox said:
Some females make very good RSMs, but weve also seen some that really really dont!!
...and some male RSMs who also don't. It has nothing to do with sex, just ability and character.
That’s all very nice DozyBint but I want some mix views which not all may be PC or fit into the "Serious" Discussion. Well done her and all that but I want the factory workers opinion?
untill i saw a pic of her i was looking forward to getting called into her office. I love bieng dominated a bit sometimes ;)

Your thread is incorrect. The RSM in question is not an RSM at ITC (Infantry Training Centre), but an RSM with the ITG (Initial Training Group).

I am surprised that this report has attracted so much interest, it is not like she is the first female RSM, as commented on this and another thread on the Forum. However, if she was the first RSM at an ITC, I would expect a marked interest.

So, congratulations to her for reaching the post/rank of RSM, just like so many other male and female soldiers!! Why so much noise!!??
weve had female RSMs for years, the QAs always had one at the QATC in Aldershot. The WRAC in Guildford would have had a female RSM as well.

The first non QA or WRAC RSM I ever met was RMP in Hong Kong in the early 90s.
I'd hate to be a recruit practising for their pass off parade, with a female RSM, if that week was blob week as well!!

Some women are real pyschopaths when they're on the Blob, to have the power of RSM at the same time, feckin 'ell poor b@stards!!
Filbert Fox said:
first non QA or WRAC RSM I ever met was RMP in Hong Kong in the early 90s.
Her name wasn't Lynne Horton was it ?
Remember the 11 Sigs female badge? She was a v nice person, knew her from when she was a Sgt, but not really cut out for being a depot RSM. Used to get called "The Brooch" If this girl is up to task WTF is the problem ?
School Staff Instructor, did you make Warrant rank yourself?

Do you have as much time under your belt as this lady? I only wonder, because you start this thread , and obviously after your 'spilt-arrses get it easy comment' in Current Affairs, I'd just like to know a bit more about why you're coming at this story like this , and seemingly trying to elicit views that match your own?

I'm particularly curious as to why you seem to want to do this lady down. I may be mistaken of course , and you're simply playing Devil's advocate?
Pissing contest, roll up, roll up...........cocks and filth at the ready,moderators stand by with your bars of soap.

'spilt-arrses get it easy"

PTP quick I think you had better get yourself and your red pen back to the Current Affairs someone's just trumped, the rotters.
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