Female Royal Engineers

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by tafft, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. During a conversation with an old friend of mine I told him that women serve in The Corps but he would`nt believe me,[we served 60s-70s].
    Could anyone inform us what trades females can do e.g. can they serve in armoured engineers,my mates an ex tankie and a chauvenist.

  2. They can do anything in the Engineers.
  3. Anything??
  4. even one going through as a Clerk of Works, IIRC
  5. They can't p1ss their names in the snow...well...not without a stencil :D
  6. Is that with the RSM's pace stick stuck up their rear as a means of pointing?
  7. They cant look like women..............
  8. Which is more that could be said about Nightrained!
  9. :wink: :D
  10. they normally act as "unloading bays" for the lads whilst on scheme.

    our troop had a doris troopy at gib bks when we went through in 87.
  11. Sorry but I never had the pleasure . . . ot not!
  12. Or piss up the wall,but seriously thanks for the answers lads.
  13. Knocker, that would be 3 troop 57 Sqn as I remember, I think we discussed we were in this troop on different intakes.

    As I remember she had an engineering degree, but still broke down in tears when her mountain bike got dismantled into its component parts EVERY day by big Shuggy and Eddie Seale (inbetween giving ex JL troops 7000 leg raises at a time in the quadrangle obviously!)

    Women in the Corps cannot map pin their foreskins to the squadron bar, and do not look convincingly female in drag on websters nights.

    I for one would not relish being on the other end of a piece of decking with one, 30 metres up over a wet gap in the dark, but then I don't suppose there's many bridge gallops being done these days.

    I'm now off for some counselling after typing the words "bridge gallop"... ooh i did it again.
  14. "Eddie Seale" now you've given everyone who was ever sent to the Guardroom at Gib to be 'greeted' by him, Frigging Nightmares!!! God Rest His Soul! I never knew a medicine ball could get so heavy after 40 minutes of doing knees to the chest whilst holding one at arms length!!!

    Our forth coming 'book' - appearing in all good bookshops (and all bad ones also!) soon, has a story about someone who may or may not be Eddie Seale 8O

    Anyone wishing to see the particular story extract then PM me and I will send it to you, it also gives you an idea of the type of content of the book, we should put a Warning on the Cover that this is definitely not "Don't Cry For Me Sgt Major" 8)
  15. What`s the book title?