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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by George_agdgdgwengo, Jan 2, 2008.

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  1. My missus, for some daft reason wants to become an RLC chef. What are the fitness requirements for this trade, also any info on the basic training at aldershot if you can please. Sensible answers only please
  2. Can she cook?? If so, then the RLC chef isn't for her ;)
  3. You're kidding, right?

    How's this; is she fit enough to walk to the careers office? They'll have all the answers she'll ever need.
  4. If you post a photo, we can judge how fit she is ;)
  5. The careers office is miles away from where she lives, plus she has already been there and starts next week but she just wants more info than what she already has, nothing wrong with that is there.

    Also yes she is fit and yes she is a great cook and yes i have told her about how shit a job it is, but oh well
  6. msr

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    Toughest course in the British Army...

    No-one's ever passed!

  7. If she is fit and can cook then we need a photo to prove this.
  8. ...she's looking over your shoulder as you type frantically. :D

    Bit late in the day for questions like this, surely?
  9. ugly

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    "Steely Eyed Dealers of Death!"
  10. The Recruiters will give her all the up to date information and later on down the job briefs but if my memory serves me well it was around 38 on the BARB test and dont require any MAQ's for chef. Once she passes all the required application procedures (medical info, interviews, selection (see countless threads on these) and passes she will go to.........think this is correct..... Pirbright for 14 weeks Basic training for footdrill, weapon drill, first aid, Map reading, Physical fitness etc (there now is supposedly a three week pre fitness course for all females alledgedly) then onto St Omar Barracks Aldershot for a weeks induction course (RLC history etc) then for approx 24 weeks catering course for food hygeine, pastry and different methods of cooking (in and out of camp).

    Fitness requirements i would be aiming for are under 12.30 for the mile and a half after doing a half mile warm up ( I know that people are going to state whats on the web page but after speaking to my old boss these are still what the PSOs and Recruiters are looking for for best chance of passing ADSC and basic) Also get her to practice full straight arm pull ups , as long as she tries to do one it should be ok.

    There are countless threads on this but the best thing to do is get the up to date information off the curren Recruiters who will tell you the latest RI's and elligability.
  11. Big tits, small arsse and waist..........Oh! sorry, I just saw the title and went into auto pilot! (still agree with the post though)
  12. If she can cook, she'll never make a RLC Chef!

    Plus she'll get paid the same as an Ammo Tech defuzing bombs. :x
  13. Well, it can be a mine field in the kitchen after the so called chef's (that really hurt to write chef) f*ck up the oven chips, pies and baked beans.

    What is that pay called? uncomfortable working something?....well have you seen half the stinkers that sweat in your soup?....makes me uncomfortable!
  14. dont worry too much.
    id be quite proud actually.
    all by herself shes managed to realise a womans place is in the kitchen.
  15. what sort of information do you need?