Female representation on the Corps forum

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by WhoBeTheMummyNowThen?, Jan 31, 2009.

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  1. I am just checking that we girls are having our fair share of the say here on ARRSE.
  2. And what happens if you feel that you and your fellow girls are not having your "fair share of the say here on ArRSe"?
  3. Fellow girls my arrse. It's CR again with another implausible alias.

    In the unlikely event that it is a real bird, we will get shit-loads of attitude in return for predictable male / female banter.

    Game on.
  4. So someone's pregnant - congratulations WhoBeTheMummyAgain? Or you are asking us?

    As for a fair say - we probably get the last word on things that matter...takes cover (with handy bottle of gin).
  5. quack quack oops.
  6. Why, I will spread the word to all my girlie friends and encourage more to participate. What else could I do?

    Bring it on cowboy! We will tear you a new hole – just like CR did last time you had an e-argument with him!

    Maybe I am a new Mum! Hence my new ARRSE ID???

    You are right of course – shame you are a bloke eh?
  7. Surely the girls will only get their 'fair share of the say' on here if the girls get off their backsides, register as members and then start posting.

    What a bone thread!
  8. And you don't do that now?
  9. My wife always does, despite leaving a while ago. But you'd never have described her as a "girlie", or if you did it would hurt.

    As an aside, it always cheers me up when her civilised mask slips every now and again and she resets to squaddy - she starts ranting about so and so being a mong, or she shouts at the telly because the BBC chap has called a BMP a tank.
  10. Does this mean you have another ArRSe ID? If so why do you need a new one?
  11. Can't you get 'bone'? You limp or what?
  12. Christ, what is it with the females these days?? If you want to participate, do it or do you need a written invite, if you want warm and fluffy girly chats, fcuking go to Rear Party. is it now becoming the norm for the females to have a forum/thread of their own on each subject/Regt/Corps ????? When you had your own Corps (the WRAC, for the young and uninformed), you weren't happy being just attached, now you can have the range of capbadges available, you still ain't happy. :x
  13. IIRC, there were a few in the WRAC who DIDN'T want to lose the WRAC.

  14. Simple, Men will be banned until such times as the numbers are a true representation of Britain today.

    Perhaps we could have a "Female Experiences of the Int Corps - ROBUST MOD ACTION IN FORCE" thread?
  15. I wasn't on about losing the WRAC identity, just that the jobs available, eg chef, sigs, clerks ands driver weren't enough. With the loss of the WRAC, a whole load of other jobs opened up to them.