Female RA ACF instructor needs some help plz

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by vickyrp, Nov 6, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Sorry to bother you but i was wondering if someone could help me. I have a rememberence sunday parade with my cadets. I have a set of number 2s now, i have the collar dogs, buttons etc but i have no peak. This is due to financial difficulty at present. The only option is to wear it with a beret, is this a bad move. The senior cadet is wearing a beret as he is not allowed to wear a peak being a cadet. I have the white lanyard and everything else but i dont want to disrespect the regiment. PLease can someone help i would gratly appreciate it. I know acf instructors are not liked on here but i really need some help from the pros.


  2. Hi

    Don't worry beret with No2 dress is perfectly accesptable.
    If you do not have a No1 Dress hat then you cannot wear it simple as.
    If you need one you could try a call to your local RA unit they may be willing to loan one.
    I got one recently for one of our guys (ok girls) off Ebay as she needed one for a wedding cost was only £5 so watch that space - no need to pay full price for what you need.

  3. Actually the beret is the correct dress for No2's, thats reserved for No1 dress, however every man and his dog wears it with 2's otherwise they will never wear it

    Towards the end of my time ('99) we wore berets more and more mainly due to new intake guys not being issued them. However you should be aware that if one of you doesn't have a hat, then none of you should wear it

    If you do want to purcahse/borrow then please get a female one, don't wear a male one it just look wrong. unfortunatly for you they are harder to come by, one of the reasons they stopped issuing toms cps was because of the extra cost for sourcing female hats. Don't forget that the cap itself if the same for most regiments (red and blue) but you will need a Capbadge (not beret badge, its bigger) and hat buttons (don't forget poppy behind left button, right way up)

    My advice is brush off the beret and get some toothpaste on your lanyard (don't forget to tuck it in the hole on the arm and wear it on the wrong side), you'll do alright
  4. Funny I always use toothpaste to clean the old pegs in my mouth
    You drop shorts have some strage customs! :)

  5. sheldrake

    sheldrake RIP

    At least the PBI recognise that they are customs and not habits!
  6. Hi,

    Thank you so much. I am much happier now. I would never dream of wearing a blokes hat i pride myself on being a female and i heard on another thread some woman wore a who mens no2s...urgh... no i look to nice in my uniform nice and feminine...lol
    Lanyard on Left side.. just checking... also someone told me i should wear my stable belt... not too sure hes correct...lol..
    i really appreciate this you dont know how much...

    nothing worse than looking like a bloody idiot...hahaha

    Cheer Vicky
  7. OR hold on no Lanyard normally on left side if your wearing your uniform so its the right then... lol...


  8. Vicky,

    Lanyard on the right shoulder, and as female No2 Dress doesnt have chest pockets (only bumps) to tuck the end in so to speak, safety pin under your arm, twist the ends of the lanyard so its semi-secure, pin it to secure the end of it.

    No stable belt, that bollicks, if you can get a nice white belt, or a plastic black one, looks much nicer or none at all.

    Court shoes, or issued flat leather ones, black

    If you ever need RA Dress Regs, gimme a shout, you can wave it under the noses of those who 'think' they know best
  9. I know that this is at too short a notice, but as a Adult Instructor in the ACF you are entitled to a Cap Forage Peak, give your QM this reference JSP 336 Vol 12 Part 3 Pam 13 Section 4 Annex B.
  10. I know that this is at too short a notice, but as a Adult Instructor in the ACF you are entitled to a Cap Forage Peak, give your QM this reference JSP 336 Vol 12 Part 3 Pam 13 Section 4 Annex B.
  11. does that mean she can have two hats? :lol:
  12. aha almost caught you out, that was what I meant by wearing it on the wrong side, infact it is the right side (in both senses) just everyone else is wrong :wink: some girls I know cut little holes in the stiching under the arm to tuck the lanyard into and then pinned it on the inside. And dont forget, make sure its gleaming white
  13. "Hi I'm an ACF instructor and I have no idea whatsoever as to how I should wear my issued uniform"

  14. Polar69 just make sure you don't look bollox or we will get you!

    Whellyhead what the hell is this obsession with white toothpaste and a gleaming lanyard surely the spearmint smell will detract from her gucci or armani perfume :) And she will foam up if it rains :)
    And yes us PBI appreciate drop shorts have some strange and querky customs but you do come in handy from time to time - only you guys could wear a lanyard on the wrng side :) Ok actually the fact the rest of us wear them at all and stable belts is all down to you guys we know!! :)


    P.S Go careful with the sissors cock that up and its going to cost you!! Not mention your boobs joining the great escape committee and exiting tunic stage right when the stitching goes ha ha ha :)