Female RA ACF instructor needs some help plz

Hi all,

Sorry to bother you but i was wondering if i could get some information from the professionals who know exactly what they are talking about. I am wearing number 2s for rememberence sunday and have got the butons and collar dogs but am having problems getting the peak at present this is due to financial problems. Is it possible to wear a my beret. I dont want to disrespect your regiment or anything. I have the lanyard and skirt etc but am unsure whether this would cause major offence. My cadet staff is wearing his beret as he is not allowed to wear a peak being a cadet. Not sure what to do as if i cant wear this then it will have to be combats on Sunday and i dont think it looks good on the cadets if im in combats.

Any help would be grately appreciated.


As long as the headwear is suitable, and the Beret will be, there should be no offence caused.

Remembrance Day is a time to look you're best as a mark of respect so avoid the combats.
Just being on parade is a remark of respect...don't worry about the beret thing a few of our regular soldiers do not have No.2 hats and wear berets with poppies behind the capbadge.

We are currently in Iraq and will be in desert combats for our service, so its not the dress that matters its the respect and gratitude you are paying that counts.

Agree with the above, but I would utterly question whoever told you that cadets are not allowed to wear peaked caps. You can wear full No2 dress unifrom, but you must wear some CCF insignia to show you are not regular forces.
We're not allowed to wear 2's at all - Part 1s have specifically stated that all adults are to wear combats and cadets are to wear lightweights.

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