Female PC claims £1.5 MILLION compensation...

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FrankCastle, Jun 6, 2007.

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  1. a...after being hit in the chest with a PINEAPPLE!

    The former PC quit the force after the incident, which took place during a violent demonstration, claiming she suffered "mental truama".

    More like Lack of Moral Fiber, IMHO.

    During the same demo, a policeman collapsed after being hit in the face with an EGG!

    FFS - where do they find these useless cnuts? And how do the make it through police Basic? They make Dixon of Dock Green look like Judge Dredd. :x

    Bear in mind, these cnuts are from Strathclyde Police, which has one of the highest rates of violent crime in the world. Police up here are so useless that members of the public have called for the Army to be put on the streets.

    Of course, this will never happen, but it does show just how sick the average civvie is of our excuse for a police force - sorry, SERVICE.

    If the police can't hack it, maybe it'stime to set up something new. And better.
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    ..and for those unfortunates who aren't psychic, here's the link.

  3. As usual having viewed the report, the issue is more complex than portrayed in the original post.
  4. would you think, in this "compensation culture" age we seem to live in,
    that i could possibly sue the MOD ? :twisted:
    if one of you fine fellows would like to throw bibles at me on the next sunday service, perhaps i could get £1.5 m ?? :twisted:
    or why not all of you throw them?? that must be worth a fortune!!! :D
  5. Better yet - come on down to the Tesco I work at. I'll chuck a whole fcuking box of pineapples at you and we'll split the comp. :twisted:

    BBR - It's not complicated at all. PC Barbie lacked the bottle to do the job, now she's trying to make the taxpayer pay for her cowerdice.

    I've been in worse situations than that, for less pay than she was on.
  6. Absolutely breathtaking.
    I had worse thrown at me when I was a schoolkid.

    These two coppers are the police equivalent of that ******** ronaldo, screaming and falling over as soon as they get hit by morrison's fresh produce.

    Perhaps Mr T should run them over in an MBT.
  7. I remember the days of summary justice in Scotland.....where the polis would knock seven shades out shite out of you up some tenement block just for looking at them funny.
  8. So have I. Well done.

    I did however see two other issues here.

    Firstly the issue of what we can reasonbably expect people to do and who determines what is an acceptable level of risk, manning and equipment. This is something that I see as having great importance to the members of this forum.

    Secondly is the issue of police approach to certain incidents. I seem to remember pages upon pages of self-righteous vitreol being posted about police failure to wade in and arrest, and yet here we have an issue that highlights this very debate, yet it seems to have been missed.
  9. "An Asian male said they were going to get petrol bombs"
    so the pineapple would have been sort of a relief then?

    "the demonstration was hijacked by militants"
    so they were armed with AK's, RPGs and IEDs, and the police were there on 38 quid a day?

    "caused continuing mental health difficulties"
    get over it love, greater men have been hit by fruit...newton went on to invent gravity

    "suffered deep bruising, and was off work for several weeks"
    get shot....morphine....FFD...back on stag.

    I used to love having a go at the RAF.....but i think ive found my new favourite bitching topic. The Police Farce. seriously. the woman should be slotted.
  10. Cannon-fodder, when did you get shot?
  11. The good old days are gone forever.

    Scottish police are soft as sh1te. The serious criminals, many of whom are connected to the para-militaries in NI, treat them with contempt; shootings in public areas, during broad daylight, are a regular occurance.

    Shootings are nothing compared to knife crime, though; Glasgow A&E doctors treat more wounds from knives and swords than any other hospital in Europe.

    The situation in Edinburgh is not quiet as bad as the Wild West Coast, but even here, people being stabbed or shot are barely considered to be news, it happens that often. And of course, the police are nowhere
    be seen; they can't even keep a dog alive in one of their own fcuking stations! :x

    Last week, the skull of a man who had been abducted by bogus police officers was found in the Clyde. Strathcylde polis said they had no evidence it was murder!

    Even their own kind don't trust them: the SCDEA is lobbying to set up it's own Armed Response unit. Because they can't trust the local force's OpSec.
  12. They should just tell these feckin' wasters to feck right off - 'it's part of the job you feckin' shysters!'
  13. Seconded.
  14. Well, bloke were i work has just left to join the Police, he cried when his manager gave him a bollocking, cant wait to see him on streets in Manchester.
  15. ok, so the getting shot was a teeeenie weeeenie exageration.

    but i was ranting.

    think the rest of it's fairly valid.