Female Padre

Sexy skypilot reviewing the papers on BBC Breakfast TV now.

Yes - goes without saying...
A very attractive sky pilot who would get all of my praying drills on her knees.

We need more like her to get us into church and confess to our many sins!
I'd bash my Bishop and baptise that with my Holy Baby batter.
As my Holy anointment dripped from her fizzog I'd remind her that to err is human and to forgive devine. To keep in with her Boss she'd have to absolve me of my numerous sins.
I like my birds with extra chilli sauce and no salad.

I don't like my birds with freaky alien eyes and a massive John Merrick head. View attachment 120013
Ye Gods, her head is defo on the large size looks like one of those porcelain dolls.
On second thoughts I shall not be offering her a facial, as I'd have to abstain from any sexual activity for a week to give that a good money shot.

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