female officers poll - good or bad?

Are female officers a Good Idea?

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Women in India will finally be able to get permanent commissions in the armed forces there, according to a Times of India report. Under current rules they get a short service commission for up to 14 years. It seems a long time to have a 'short service' commission, a bit like a temporary worker's contract in the UK that can last for up to 4 years.
The link is here http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/...ssion-in-armed-forces/articleshow/5675778.cms
The article says:
"NEW DELHI: The Delhi High Court on Friday directed the Centre to grant permanent commission to women officers in all three wings of the armed forces.

A division bench comprising Justices S K Kaul and M P Garg ordered the defence forces to reinstate all the women officers who had approached the court seeking permanent commission and asked the government to provide all consequential benefit to them.

In its 32-page order, the bench directed the government to reinstate those officers as well as those who retired during the case.

The high court had on December 14 reserved its verdict on the petitions for a direction to the Centre for granting of permanent commission to serving women officers like their male counterparts in the armed forces.

Currently, women are inducted in the Army as officers under the Short Service Commission for a maximum period of 14 years whereas their male counterparts are eligible to receive permanent commission after five years. "

Anyway, I thought we could have a quick poll on the merits of female officers. I am of the opinion that women make all the decisions anyway in civilian life, so why not in the military too? Would Gordon be able to stand up to a female CODS? If he cries, she cries louder &c.


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Love the idea. They look better in No 2 dress than male officers. Mostly
HM Forces would have died of undermanning years ago if woman hadn't been allowed to do the roles they do now. And unlike DD, I've found them to be competent to the same % as I have found in their male counterparts.

Second the comment about No.2s as well!
Worked for only 2. One LE, one DE. Both were effing useless but for totally different reasons.


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