Female Officer passed UKSF Selection Course?

Discussion in 'Officers' started by wannabeseal, Dec 18, 2008.

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  1. I have just finished reading 'The British Officer' by Antony Clayton, who was a senior lecturer at Sandhurst (also a Lt Colonel in the TA).

    On page 245 it states that:

    "in 2003 a women officer successfully completed the extremely testing Special Forces selection course, the first women to do so"

    Is this correct??

    At first I thought he might have mistaken Capt. Tattersall (see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/2017213.stm) as the women officer.

    But surely as a senior lecturer at RMAS, he would know the AACC is no where nearly as challenging as the UKSF selection!
  2. Wow you've come on the site with an interesting range of subjects, 2 identical posts. Be interesting or fcuk off will you?
  3. wow! thanks for a nice reply! having asked all my oppo's etc, they couldn't verify if it was true or not!

    so i thought i would give this forum thing a go, didnt expect that nicely worded reply though
  4. So wait patiently on one thread and stop spreading your bets, there's a good Doris.
  5. Perhaps it's female multitasking, asking bone question in seperate locations in case officers only read officers theads and likewise Infantry.... :twisted:
  6. To be fair i'd spread my attack of this forum aswell, the majority of replies won't be informative (e.g. yours) so it seems reasonable to try reach more of the guys on here. Eggs in one basket and all that....
  7. Agreed. Some of the time it's better to ask the same question on a couple of forums to see where it fits in, especially as a lot of very knowledgable posters only read one forum and it may not be immediatley obvious which forum the question should be asked in.

    Unless you are markintime, who obviously knows everything about everything and has suddenly become the forum police that is responsible for putting new posters in their place. His knowledge obvioulsy superceeds everyone elses on here. Especially his knowledge of how to be a tool.
  8. Does 63 Signals Squadron not count among its ranks some females who have passed UKSF Selection?
  9. Why on earth would anyone want to give away that kind of information? If the bad guys know there's one female in the SAS and she's captured, what kind of chance would you give her?

    Same goes for any other easily identifiable minority groups... like handsome and debonaire Geordies for example.

  10. You can find them right by the Rocking Horse Shit. :)
  11. Ha ha ha ha ha, no, please stop ha ha ha.

    STABS that can pass a PFT are now classed as SF?
  12. No, however stabs who are members of UKSF(R) are. :roll:
  13. Heard a genuine rumour that, following a plague of lower limb, pelvic girdle and varicose vein injuries, the MoD restricts females to carrying <36lbs weight during training. With obvious implications to this thread.
  14. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    In fact women have been regularly passing SF selection since the 1970s and even as far back as 1941-45. As far as I'm aware, there are no women serving as 'blades' in 22 SAS Regiment, and none have ever been allowed to take the course, but they have been for a long time in other parts of UKSF.

    It's hard to know what Clayton means: if he's suggesting that a female officer passed 22 SAS or SBS selection, then he's wrong; if he's suggesting that a female officer passed selection for other units within SF then he's right, but the same would be equally true for 1993, 1983 and possibly even 1973 as well.
  15. Women do carry 36lbs on course, have done for a while.
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