Female no2s

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by alyvb, Sep 20, 2009.

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  1. Hi,

    i have been asked to aquire a female set of no2's complete with shoes for a cadet visit in a few weeks time ( i am an adult female instructor) but mine no longer fit, does anyone know where i can get a set from please? i also have to sew the rankslides and Coldstream Guards logo on them


  2. cadet direct on internet. my girlfriend got a full set off them.
  3. thanks but they take at least a week to come thro, anyone know of anywhere else please? i live in Berkshire


  4. so your visit is in a few weeks time but you're moaning about a week? what?!

    i must be missing something.

    cadet direct is the best place at the moment.
  5. unless you want to go skip diving at Bicester
  6. Well that was a disappointment; I thought this would be a few select pictures of ladies pooing on a glass table. I should sue
  7. Coldstream Guards logo? Dont tell me we have female cadets/ Instructors wearing Infantry Badges
  8. unfortunately so.

    saw some blonde bird with Rifles beret, shaped airborne styley, waving a swagger stick and shouting at me for walking on the road not marching.

    nearly through a wobbly over what normal people have to do to earn the right to wear that beret, let alone the stripes - and the fact that having done so they probably wouldn't be so **** as to get angry about that... or at least they weren't when I was cutting about in a Rifles beret.
  9. no am not moaning but last time i ordered anything from them it took a month, also as i have badges to sew on and most likely the uniform will need to be tailored i am not exactly high on the list to get done at Master Stitch!
  10. yes and why not????
  11. Touche
  12. Oh, I thought this was a scat thread...
  13. [​IMG]
    dont forget these though

    but yes cadet direct would be a good idea, the sooner you order the sooner you'll get them and the more time you'll have to get them taylored and sorted
  14. don't confuse her, you don't need those badges. i mean, piss taking allowed, confusing people asking for help is being cnutish.

    as for 'why not' - go and read the joining restrictions for the Infantry and you'll find out for yourself.

    as for getting them tailored, there are plenty of shops all over who specialise in military tailoring and will also know regulations on what you need and where it goes.