Female needed to service NI Capt?

There must be a couple of real babes who are bored of all this AAC/CAV crap and  would like to meet a real soldier - i.e a real soldier? That means body and uniform
AAC Crap?

Real Soldier?

And you a rodney! Everbody knows that the AAC is full of lovegods & sexual tyrannosaurus

Don't think you'll find a chick anywhere that doesn't fancy a chap from the Blue beret club. Bet you wish you were one and not a desk Johnny with a note from matron excusing you games and all things nasty.

Suggest you try www.ladyboyswhopumpsaddos.com
Dogmonkey, thankyou for pointing out my simple spelling mistake.

Wondering what Dogmonkey might mean... could it be the level of ladies that you attract or the intellect that you clearly hold so close.

You may also benefit from visiting the same site. I believe they cater for dictionary boffins, who's only form of sarcastic wit is in the form of a spellchecker. I bet you couldn't spell Tyrannosaurus after a night on the beverage. Your perhaps more suited to an early night with Thesaurus, the saddo dinosaur ;D ;D ;D
Once more I THANK YOU for pointing out my failings.

Take it you had an early night with the friendly dinosaur AGAIN

My I'll wager its a gripping night in round at Dogmonkey's house. I bet you sit up all night learning the answers to Trivial Pursuit. Well until bedtime at 8.30 anyway. ;D ;D ;D
Come on, you must be able to do better than that!

As for the rest, like you 30 and lager is excellent!

Just a bit of banter nothing personal intended oh blue-hatted one!

And you shouldn't let my ramblings keep you away from your chopper.

Never took the hump Oh shiney bottied one, hope you didn't too. ;)

Well up for the banter, definatley nothing personal intended, your dinosaur is probably better looking than the monster I cuddle up to at night ;D

Oh, and nothing keeps me away from my chopper!

Except my expanding belly :mad:
I can design a website to flog pictures of Forces Sweetheart and the Gang of Three. ;D
You can't hide your slating int he Classified adds forum ORG.

Anyway, another RadOp your bound to fancy me, Lipstik, sniper, prodigal, Leeanne, F_S all do, mind you don't blame them Im a lovegod. And jesus decided that I should be graced with a blue beret. ORGs would no longer fit since the operation teh forehead is a little sore from the lobotomy

Besides the obvious ginger disability ORG is about to climb out of his closet and admit to paying for services from thai lady-boys. His visit to the far east changed his life forever and he widened the circle of his friends. ;D
His visit to the far east changed his life forever and he widened the circle of his friends
I don't think it was just his circle of friends that was widened. Possibly a hole lot more

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