Female Naval Officer who is a Canadian SF operator delivers the puck


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And lights the firework and walks to safe distance.
@Guns - Thanks for that post. Great way to get the puck dropped. That young woman is impressive to get to special forces status.
(Yes, I love hockey)
Hockey does have a significant role in Canadian life. I remember seeing video of a game between the Flag and General officers of the Canadian Forces and the military and naval attaches of the various Ottawa embassies. The referee of the game was H.E. David Johnston, the Governor General of Canada. He was in his early 70's but still skates fast. Of course he was an All-American two years running when he was playing at Harvard.
Good abseiling technique. And I've seen lots of bad technique to know the difference.

Is what she was wearing MTP or a Canadian version of the Crye Multi-Cam stuff?


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The SOFCOM people wear their version of MTP. Part of the branding of SOFCOM, coupled with things like blouses trousers over boots in daily working rig and other little things.

New special forces uniform a throwback to Second World War Devil’s Brigade

Special Operations Forces DND CAF

Oh and we trounced Detroit last night so all in all a good night. It was Canadian Forces Appreciation night. 3000 free tickets for CAF members and family, loads of corporate boxes offering seats for serviceman and women, donations to and allowing the sale of military families charities gear around the ground and they have a special camouflaged hockey jersey that the team skates in the warm up and is on sale in the shops.

Even the house band that plays during the game was swopped out with the RCAF band.

It is always held the closes home game before Remeberance Day.
Good abseiling technique. And I've seen lots of bad technique to know the difference.
Probably fear of the level of crating that would ensue if she hit the ice too fast and landed on her arse on national TV.


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Got to love violence loosely dressed up as sport

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